Saturday, August 1, 2009

first of 4 book giveaways...

Today I walked into the nearest Barnes & Noble and was delighted to find just what I was looking for:) I'm so glad my married name begins with an "F" as it was alphabetized on the top shelf! I've always felt sorry for those bottom shelf books that end in X, Y, Z. I just had to buy one, of course, and am going to host four giveaways the month of August, starting today. I don't have an abundance of names to draw from so you readers who have chimed in have wonderful odds of winning this month!
In case you're wondering how this is done, I use the very scientific method of writing your names on paper, cutting them apart, placing them in my pink hat that says "GRITS...Girl Raised in the South," and then stirring them up a bit and drawing one. So my first official winner is...Kristen!

All you need to do is email me at and give me your mailing address and I will get the book out to you on Monday. Then I'll have another drawing the next Saturday and then the next, etc.

If you finish the book and liked it enough to post a review, I'd love to have you do that on or or any other site you wish. Reader reviews are so important and one of the first things I consider when buying a book. I sure appreciate you readers, once again. I'm sorry if I'm being redundant but you are dear to my heart in more ways than you know!


  1. Laura, your book looks so nice on the shelf. Thanks for posting the picture.

    And kudos on your great review in Romantic Times, which I saw today.

    I've got your book in my cart at Amazon to add to my next order.

  2. I sure wish I had a copy of Romantic Times magazine myself:) I really appreciate their review. Also, I'm thrilled you have my book in your cart! Thanks again for your reminder to post a pic. It helps to have writing friends!

  3. So how do you get entered for this giveaway? Because I've been specifically looking for your book ever since I saw it in my CBD book, and would love to have one.

  4. Laura, I've got a surprise for you. I pulled out the page with your review on it as well as the ad featuring your book and dropped both in the mail yesterday, so you should have them soon.

  5. Dear Adge,
    Consider yourself entered:) I'm glad you saw the ad in the CBD catalog. I'll be drawing the next name next Saturday and you have a very good chance of winning. Thanks so much for writing!

  6. Keli,
    What a sweetheart you are!!! That just delights my heart. Wish we lived closer. I know we'd be good writing friends:) May you be blessed as you've blessed me!

  7. we went up to Long Beach WA this weekend to visit family and I thought of you as we went past a bookstore. I should have had my hubby stop the car so i could run in to see if it was there, but the little one had fallen asleep and we still had a couple hours to go! don't wake the sleeping baby before you reach your destination... right?!!
    anyway, maybe i'll win next weekend.

  8. Hope your trip to WA went well! Don't you dare buy a book as your chances of winning one here are pretty doggone good:) So good to hear from you, Lisa!