Sunday, August 23, 2009

my kentucky buddies

I laughed out loud when my Kentucky friends posted this picture. The expression on Betty's face at left is priceless. Looks like she might have met up with Ian in the book. I felt the same when I created him! Kim, the golf pro, is in the middle. Hmmm...looks like she's wondering if this book might interfere with her golf game. Cathy, on the right, is my friend from 3rd grade in Lexington, Kentucky. I'm sad that I couldn't be with them as they get together often for lunch and other things. But I'm coming, girls, as soon as I can:) Meanwhile, please keep reading!

I'm busy getting books and bookmarks sent out today and answering reader mail, always a high point. If any of you readers would like to see a wonderful blog and have an extra chance to win a copy of The Frontiersman's Daughter, please hop on over to Keli Gwyn's site:
I'm being interviewed there today and it's a privilege! Keli hosts writers and authors in both the secular and Christian realm and is a talented writer herself. I've learned a great deal from her blogs/website and she is becoming a dear friend.

Happy Monday!


  1. Laura, how fun to see your friends so enamored with The Frontiersman's Daughter. Support like that goes a long way.

    I'm delighted to have you as my guest at Romance Writers on the Journey and look forward to the visits from your adoring fans.

  2. Laura, i'm still really, really, really enjoying the book! last night at 11 pm my husband rolled over and squinted at my little reading lamp and said, "are you still reading?!" so taking the cue that he was ready for me to turn the light out, i sighed and clicked it off.

    and tonight i was breathless reading the part about the indian attack on fort click. i was so anxious to see what was going to happen!

    i haven't got to Ian yet. still trying to figure out Lael's relationship with capt. jack and simon.

    well, i'm gonna get off of here so i can go curl up in bed and read some more. at least until the light bothers someone... ha ha.

  3. How fun! So many people seem to be reading and really enjoying The Frontiersman's Daughter--I only hope that they will not only write you, but even more importantly, post their reviews on amazon, cbd, etc...

    I guess I never realized just how important these reviews are--and to think that before I buy anything I always read the reviews!

    So--to all you readers--if you love a book, take the time to write your review and let other's know!

  4. Lisa,
    I chuckled at your nightly reading:) I have a little flashlight that I read in bed by but the batteries tend to flicker and I think a candle might be better! Soooo glad you are enjoying the book:) That delights me! Bless you for finding time in your very busy schedule to read!!

  5. I hope readers stop by Keli's blog and see how much time and crativity she puts into it! Her love of reading and writing and good books really shine. Thank you, Keli, for all you do!

  6. Good advice, Chris. It's a timely reminder to me to post reviews. I just finished one on the site. And I wrote the author and told her how much I loved the book:) That sort of thing goes a long way in encouraging others with the use of their gifts.

  7. I stopped by Keli's blog and read your interview. Did you really and truly once live in a British castle? Oh, I sense a book in that experience!

  8. Yes, Mary, this Ky. girl really did live in an English castle - it was the most amazing experience of my life:) And you are so astute! I did write a novel about it - it's in my drawer:) Will try to post a pic of Harlaxton Castle soon so you can see its grandeur. Bless you today - and that newborn niece!

  9. already have the book and it is great. A great author is bound to write great books:=)


  10. Edna,
    Your comments are dear to my heart:) I have your beautiful butterflies you made on my desk and love looking at them. Bless you today!