Sunday, August 2, 2009

going to the ball...

I've always had a penchant for fairy tales and now feel I'm living one of my own. Next month I'll be going to the American Christian Fiction Writer's annual conference in Denver, Colorado. Haven't been to Denver since I was about 12 and never dreamed I'd go back again. Things came about rather hurriedly after my fairy godmother - I mean an editor friend! - urged me to go a few days ago. So I'm on my way September 16th! Nope, I've never been to a writer's conference before but this looks to be educational, fun, and inspirational. A sterling combination:) If anyone reading this plans on being there, I'd love to meet you. Just look for a blonde with a Kentucky tote!

My book launch, for lack of a better word, went very well at the Wild Blackberry Festival here in Joyce, Washington. I had a book table beneath an awning and met some wonderful folks and came away amazed at how much people love historical fiction. There were a couple of editors and writers in the crowd and I really enjoyed talking to them, too. Next Saturday I'll be at a backyard garden book signing in Port Angeles and will give the address closer to the date.

For now I'm back to book 3. In this novel I'm using a male-female perspective which is new to me. Writing from a male viewpoint, instead of solely my female protagonist, is proving interesting. It lets the reader into the minds of 2 heads instead of one, and increases tension which helps propel a good novel forward.

If any of you have been to a writer's conference I'd love to hear about it here:) Happpy Monday!


  1. Laura, I'm glad your book launch went so well. How fun to have editors and agents stop by to chat. Do you have pictures to share?

    I've been to five conferences. Two were small and were held at a church I used to attend, the one where I met my husband in fact. This particular Christian Writers Conference is geared to beginning writers. I learned a great deal.

    I've also been privileged to attend the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference the past two years. Wow! The staff is amazing, the editors and agents so accessible and the interaction with other writers uplifting.

    I attended RWA Nationals in 2008 when it was held in San Francisco. Two of my manuscripts double finaled in the Golden Heart that year, and I got to meet many of my GH pals in person, which was awesome. In addition, RWA treated us like royalty.

    I hope you have an incredible time at the ACFW conference, Laura. I wish I were able to attend. I know I'd be blessed beyond belief. Plus, I'd get to meet you in person.

    My best bit of conference advice is to talk to people. I'm a stereotypical introverted writer, so starting conversations is an effort. However, the fellowship is fantastic, and I find myself relaxing and enjoying the company of others who understand the unique life of a writer.

  2. You will do fine on writing from the male perspective, if your ability to beat up your little brother is still intact. Remember whipping your arms, windmill style and pummeling me? :)

  3. Sadly, yes. Maybe that's why I'm enjoying my male lead so much:) Oh, the things little brothers remember...

  4. Keli,
    I was hoping you'd comment because you've done so very well in recent contests and are no stranger to conferences. I've heard Mt. Hermon is terrific! That is closer to home for you, I know -and me, as well.

    My editor friend who encouraged me to go stressed the fellowship aspect like you have here. I'm a bit shy myself and don't know many authors but would dearly love meeting folks who understand that unique calling. I was hoping you'd be there! But we'll meet in person at some point in future, I'm sure. Till then it's a joy being online friends! I'm such a fan of your blogs - both of them! I encourage others to visit as they are such an inspiration and encouragement.

  5. Just wanted to provide links to 2 incredibly well done blogs/website that have really been helpful to me on my writing journey:

  6. Thanks for the links and your kind words, Laura. I'm looking forward to having you as my guest at Romance Writers on the Journey on August 24th.

  7. Keli,
    My pleasure to post! And I'm really excited about being a part of your writing world via your blog the end of August. I'll be sure to highlight it on my blog that week:)

  8. Laura, I just finished your book!! What a delightful story--I felt somewhat tense at times and I hope there's another soon! Thanks so much for sending it to me. Do have a wonderful time at the conference. You have a very bright future, I'm sure. So yourself, and remember, even though we tend to compare our insides to other's outsides...we're all pretty much the same underneath. I'll be checking your blog to keep up to date...Bless You!!!

  9. Myrna,
    It means so much that you took time to read the book as I know you have a very busy ministry schedule. You had such an impact on me in our Beth Moore group and I'll be forever grateful. That was a real turning point in my life - right after that the Lord opened the door to my writing.
    I would be so honored if you'd pray for me. I hope and pray we meet again soon - maybe in another study?! Thank you for staying in touch. My life is much richer because of your ministry.

  10. your poor, poor brother!!
    i have 3 older brothers so i was on the other end of the torture.
    grass in the mouth, thumping on my chest, making fun of my baby dolls. etc...
    but then God gave me 5 little brothers... ha ha (evil laugh)
    my big brothers taught me well in the art of torture!!

    i know this has nothing at all to do with your post. i saw what your brother wrote and had to respond.

  11. OH MY! Eight brothers and you survived?! Were you the only girl? MERCY. My brother will chuckle like I did when he reads this. And folks wonder why he's living in Spain. Probably to get away from his big sister:)