Wednesday, August 26, 2009

going home

Isn't Kentucky beautiful in the fall? Yesterday I received an invitation to the Kentucky Book Fair November 7, so I'm on my way! This event promotes literacy and supports local libraries and schools which makes me very happy. Every book signed and sold goes for just that. I'm thrilled to be a part of what the invitation calls, "the state's premiere literary event." I get to stay at my favorite 18th-century inn while there. Can't wait!

Here are some Kentucky Derby cupcakes. Edible, all of it! I haven't been to the derby in May for many years. I love horses but haven't ridden since I was 12 years old and got bucked off one. Haven't been back on since:) I'd love to take lessons and have a jockey friend here who might help with that. Anyone remember what Lael's first horse was called? Or what color? Hmmm...anyone but the author remember those type details?

This old postcard makes me chuckle. I heard from a reader in Paducah just this week and thought of her when I saw this, thus the pic. This next trip I'll be hanging out in the Berea area where my parents live and then going to Frankfort for the book event.
Would love to see you there!


  1. kentucky is so pretty!! i've never been there but i can just imagine Lael running through that draw with her barefeet and blonde hair flying on her way to Ma Horn's or Lovey's place.
    And I hope I get this right, the horses name was Pandora but I can't remember for sure the color. I want to say chestnut brown? not totally sure on that one.
    i finished the book last night and loved every minute of it. i like how you left the end a bit mysterious with Lael seeing Capt. Jack in the woods but running toward Ian.
    Capt. Jack is still a question in my mind and I like it when a book leaves me wondering. Not too much... just enough!

    We are leaving tomorrow to go camping so I wanted to stop by and tell you I finished it before we took off.

    have a great weekend.
    And i'm glad you get to go home soon!!!

  2. The Kentucky Book Fair is an excellent venue for The Frontiersman's Daughter. I'm so glad you get to participate, visit family and enjoy time in a place you love.

  3. ::insert happy dance icon here:: See you there!

  4. Those cupcakes look good. And Kentucky is pretty in the fall.
    I fell off a horse when I was younger and my mom made me get back on. We were with a group of people on a trail ride and she said no one was going anywhere until I did. But my mom said the best time to get back on after falling off a horse was right after, so you don't build up more fear.

  5. Happy dance, indeed! See you there, Gin -and Jim. Maybe I'll net that introduction to Silas House, as well:)

  6. Oh, Adge, you (and your mom) are wiser than you know. I could write a book about my fear factor and one of them is horses. Now, at 48, I am going to try to get back on when I should have done it at 12 just like you said!

  7. Lisa, So glad you liked the book:) Love your comment about Lael running through these colorful hills. I tried to insert autumn into the book as often as I could. Yes, Pandora was one of Lael's horses! There was another one also, but way earlier.
    Hope you have wonderful fun camping - the weather report looks good for Oregon. Guess we're into the school countdown now so good to have a little fun beforehand:)

  8. Keli,
    You are so right. This book is a Kentucky book and needs to have a Ky venue. I just heard it will be featured in Kentucky Monthly magazine about the same time and I'm thrilled! I kept taking the book fair off my schedule but it kept reappearing so feel the Lord is leading me to go. Thank you for your gracious comments.

  9. Lora,
    I think Lisa is correct with the name, Pandora. For some reason I thought it was Prince.
    However, I think he was black and a real beauty based upon your description.
    I love horses also, and do not own one nor have I riden since I was a child.
    By the way, my Mother (who just turned 90 years old and lives with me, is reading your book. She did not get into it right away, but told me that she cannot put the book down. She is up to the part when Lael returns from boarding school. I told her the best is yet to come!!
    Best regards,
    Sheryl from NJ

  10. Sheryl,
    So glad your mom is reading the book and enjoying it next! The finishing school chapters are some of my favorites. Things get pretty interesting once Ian enters the picture. Pandora is correct - and then the horse Lael had beforehand was Pride, the black stallion. More her father's horse, I guess, but one she used for her brief stint as a teacher.
    Bless you, Sheryl - and your mom today!

  11. Lael's first horse was named Pride. And, no, I didn't go back and look it up in the book. I remember it because I loved the cutting way Lael announced the name to her mother, because her mother was all puffed-up about Lael being a schoolteacher and that's why they got the horse!

    I would love to visit Kentucky in the fall. I'm thinking of posting some of my Kentucky pictures from our vacation last year. Things certainly were beautiful in the summer!

  12. Mary,
    I'm impressed that you not only remembered but got every bit of the meaning in the scene:) I wondered when I wrote it if anyone but me would pick up on the detail there!
    Oh, I would so love for you to post some pics of KY. I am really, really enjoying your blog!

  13. oooohhh. after reading mary bailey's comment, now I'm going, "uuugh, i remember now!!!"
    It was Pride!

  14. Lisa,
    I was impressed that you remembered Pandora as I'd forgotten her. LOL!