Saturday, October 16, 2010

the exquisite 18th-century...

I must admit I've been dreaming of having a book launch in period dress and thought I'd hold a little contest to see which 18th-century gown you like best. So...which do you think is heart-stoppingly romantic and true to the period? If you were a colonial belle shopping in 18th-century Williamsburg or Philadelphia, at which shop window would you linger?

The gown at right is "colonial pink" chintz with large cabbage roses, braided trim, and a train. The aqua gold gown at left is silk taffeta. I love the antique French lace at the sleeves and on the hat. Both gowns should be worn with chemise, stays/corset, etc. This aqua gown is a robe anglaise versus the other style of the day, a la polonaise, which is achieved by hooking silk ribbons onto cocardes at the back waist which results in a very feminine derriere:)

Remember Lael's gown from Briar Hill? At the moment I can't recall which style she wore for Christmas at the Bliss cabin when Ian gave her the pearls (or tried to, poor man). I had Morrow making many of these gowns in Aunt Etta's shop in Elfreth's Alley before she returned to Kentucky. As for Roxanna in The Colonel's Lady, she's straight from Virginia and has a few of these dresses packed in her trunk. The one she's wearing on the cover, soon to be revealed any day now when I get the green light, is similar but shockingly different:) How's that for a tease?

I'd love to hear your impressions, likes, dislikes, etc. Do you prefer the fashions of today over those of yesterday?

In honor of all the great comments lately, I'd love to give away a new copy of Tailor-Made Bride by Karen Witemeyer as it deals with a 19th-century seamstress. If you've already read this historical, I'll be glad to substitute another title I have on hand.

Bless you all!


  1. So the 1st gown is called "colonial pink"? That is interesting since I would definitely call it blue or something...LOL! But I know nothing about the history of the clothes...however, that dress, pink or not, well that I love! LOL!

  2. Ooooh, Laura you big tease! :)

    Which gown I like better? That is like trying to ask which I like better: You or Julie Lessman! (don't go there and ask, I have NO answer! :)

    I looove the hat and color of the green one, but the coral pink with the lovely swell of the gown is gorgeous.

    Oooh, this is so hard! I would say if you had a hat for the pink one, I would probably wear that one. But I love the green just as much and it is a bit more simplier, more me.

    Hmmm, very hard choice here, how about I just say I like both! :)

    But I already have Karen's book (loved it!), so I can pass on this drawing.

  3. My character, Suzanne, would wear the top gown. William would insist that Sarah looks better in the pink gown and can carry off the pattern because of her height.

    Me? Buckskins are soft.

  4. Oh, oh, oh!!!!! So much to say!!! ;)

    First of all, those dresses are gorgeous! :D I love the colors of the blue one, but I love the sleeves and bell shape of the pink one. That would be so fun to do a book launch in period dress!!! Could you maybe make a whole event out of it--like have everyone who wants to dress up come and drink tea and talk about your books? OK, I know that would take a lot of work, but I could only imagine how fun it would be to go to a book discussion/book signing/tea/costume event with you! :D

    Second, I have heard sooooo many good things about A Tailor-Made Bride, and our very own Amanda was recommending it to me the other day. :) I would LOVE a chance to read it!!!

    Thank you so much for your beautiful posts and for your generosity, Laura! :)



  5. I adore the aqua gown and the hat! I think it would be wonderful with your coloring. Although, a remake of Morrow Little's dress would be kind of nice.

  6. These dresses just whisked me away to Colonial Williamsburg--in my mind, at least!

    In some ways I prefer the fashions of yesteryear because they certainly made women highly aware of how to clothe themselves as ladies. And I wonder if putting on all those layers might make them think about all the "putting on" verses in the Bible: "put on love", "put on righteousness", etc.

    If I had to choose, I'd want to wear the beautiful cabbage roses, but the aqua might be perfect for you at a book launch party in some great Colonial mansion with a wide veranda for the tea tables and such . . .

    Can't wait to see the cover of your new book!

  7. Could someone please take the bows off the pink dress so I can see it better????? LOL. I think I like the aqua one...just the sound of 'silk taffeta' gives me shivers of delight!!!!! But I like the cut of it a bit more (and the lack of a bow or two is a huge plus for me!) The hat though, I'm not too sure of. Now I know why they call it frippery! I look awful in hats...purely hideous. I even wear earmuffs in the winter because the whole hat thing and me --- just not going there.

    There are many fashions today that I could do without so I think we could borrow some of the more modest offerings from yesterday. I love swishy skirts so all mine are long...some right to the ankle! I guess I'd have to say that I like yesterday's fashions more (without the corset and a chance to sneak into jeans once in awhile!)

  8. I love gowns... but my favorite of the two would have to be the pink one. I love the fuller skirt, though I did just get done reading Siri Mitchell's She Walks in Beauty and all of the under things seem a bit daunting now.
    I have often thought about which types of clothing I like best, back then or today's, and for a long time it was back then. But I think the clothes today are lighter and easier to manage, so lately it has been today's fashions.

  9. I'll go with the mint colored gown. I LOVE the pattern on the pink dress but HATE the bows LOL! I'm not a bow kind of girl. I am however a fan of vintage/antique clothing and I think it would be awesome to wear gorgeous gowns like that everyday. I know those weren't "everyday" dresses for most ladies but they are still sooo beautiful. My favorite clothes are probably late Victorian or Edwardian pieces. They are so stylish and but they didn't have the big bustles or hoops to get in the way.

    This site is awesome if you love to see auhtentic clothing from different time periods:

    Can't wait to see that cover Laura! ;-)

    XOXO~ Renee

  10. P.S. I found this little creation and I just LOVE it! I can picture The Colonel's Lady in this. ;-)

    XOXO~ Renee

  11. Oooh...I like the colonial pink. Pink has always been a weakness of mine. What I especially like about this gown are the bows on the bodice and the lovely lacey sleeves!

    I love the fact that we don't feel compelled to wear killer corsets in this day and age, but I do adore the clothing from long ago!

  12. I LOVE that blue one. Those are so my colors! It looks like pure loveliness. How about you wear pink and I wear blue? lol....
    I love the look of these old styles, but I'm not sure how well I would do having to wear them. Sometimes I can barely make it through an evening wearing those spanx things ;) and they arent made of whale bone and leather! lol.
    I do love the idea of dressing and accessories as a ritual though. Especially as a busy mom ;) I love when you get to take time to fancy up wear beautiful things....I wish we would bring gloves back (artists typically dont have pretty hands, so I'd love to start the trend, haha) and hats! Love hats. These hats here are so sweet and frilly!

    I always wanted to work somewhere as a reinactor, that always sounded so fun. Lets get summer internships in Williamsburg! My luck I'd get stuck being the girl who herds pigs or something ;)

  13. PS: and do count me in for the give away! That book sounds amazing! It would be perfect to get painting inspiration from :D

  14. Both of the gowns are beautiful, Laura. But I would have to say that I lean towards the aqua gown with the hat. I love the simple elegance of the gown and, of course, the hat to cover my fair midwestern/scandinavian complexion during the hot days in Colonial Williamsburg. I'm not one for big bows, but the colonial pink gown is beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing,


  15. Oh, Laura. Very hard to choose. I think I like the green one because I love that antique lace and the hat...and I'm not as big on bows in the front.

    Maybe since your series is set in PA, you'd consider launching it there (wink, wink). I know, but since it is such a short drive...I had to try. :)

    Renee, thank you so much for posting that site. I think I would spend a whole week locked up in the Met if I could. I've only been there once.

  16. i definitely prefer the aqua dress. The pink one has too many large bows for my simple taste. And the aqua silk taffeta is so pretty.
    that would be fun if you were to dress up for a booksigning. Really getting into your characters, huh?
    not sure if I'd be fond of wearing all the "under" things that women had to wear back then. I can barely make it to bedtime before my bra comes off! ha ha

  17. OK, Renee, now you have me hooked on this site. I'll wear this one:

    Or this one:

    Or this:

    OK, now I'd best get back to my homeschool planning :). I've decided to integrate some Sonlight into my curriculum...what we're using is just too workbook oriented for us...and maybe not quite challenging enough for Elizabeth.

  18. What romantic dresses. If you take off the bows, the ruffles on the sleeves and the roses, the pink one kind of resembles the dress I wore to my prom in the late 80s (um, 1980s not 1880s).

    But today, I like the mint green one better.

  19. Oh Laura! You never cease to bless us with the most beautiful posts!! These gowns are GORGEOUS!!! But, I think I would like it best if the aqua gold gown (oh the lace!) was the shape of the colonial pink gown, and keep the too-cute-for-words hat, but get rid of the bows. Hmmm... yep, that'd be perfect in my humble opinion :D I am most definitely a fan of the fashions of yesteryear- don't know much about them, just know I LOVE looking at them, LOL! There was class back then and modesty was esteemed, even the simpler styles had a beauty about them. Wish todays fashions would take a few pointers from the olden days :)

    Amber, I feel so loved being thought of as "our very own Amanda" :) You are so sweet and certainly know how to make a girl feel special! Thank you, my friend, and I hope you get a chance to read A Tailor-Made Bride VERY soon ;)

    Laura, I think you picked the perfect book to giveaway with this post! They couldn't have complemented each other better! You are so very sweet and so very generous (just like Amber said :)) to give us a chance to win all the wonderful books you always offer :) I obviously already have this fantastic book, so please don't enter me. Whoever gets it will be blessed indeed! AT-MB was one of my FAVORITE reads EVER, and a beautiful addition to my keeper-shelf! I'll soon be starting Karen's newest book, Head in the Clouds, which I'm really looking forward to :D

    OH, and I just can't wait to see the cover of The Colonel's Lady!!! "Similar but shockingly different"?? Gosh, I'm praying that light turns green VERY soon!!! ;)

    Amanda Stanley

    LOL! My word verification was "restless" a fitting description I think for my feelings towards seeing your new book cover!! :D

  20. LOL Julia! Kaye Dacus got me hooked on that site so blame her! She wrote a post, "What Would You Wear to the Ball" a few months back with a link to that site plus others and I am sooo addicted! I would LOVE to go to the Met I've never been there believe it or not!

    I also agree Julia the book launch should be in PA if I recall correctly some of the book is set near Pittsburg and that is REALLY close to me! :-)

    XOXO~ Renee

  21. If you're wondering where I've been...blame RENEE!! Or is that Kaye Dacus indirectly? Heavens:) The links are to die for! I'm afraid you've hit on my major weakness! This stuff is like candy to me and I can't hit the shut off button!

    I've been buried with edits and normally don't work on Sunday but here I am. I've loved all the comments rolling in. JOY! Thank you so much!

    I'll answer one at a time which will probably take me a couple of days so please hang in there. I forgot to say that I'll post the winner of Tailor-Made Bride this coming Saturday, October 23:)

    So Ruth! LOL - PINK wouldn't have crossed my mind either:) The dress is gorgeous like you said so one vote for pink. I really am keeping a tally. I'll tell you why later...

  22. Casey,
    I'm SO glad this isn't a contest between Jules and I!! A very nice analogy, BTW:) Glad there are many authors and many books so readers can enjoy all of them. Sometimes the CBA feels so competitive it's easy to lose sight of that sweet fact.

    I think the hat here is what swept me off my feet. The lace used is over 100 years old and is French from the turn of the century. Yes, the "lovely swell" of the pink gown is gorgeous - and gorgeously said! I'd take both of them:)

    I figured you'd probably read TMB. I think she has a new one out and the cover is quite pretty. I think you'll like mine, to:) Am getting quite impatient to post!

  23. Oh, I think I like Suzanne, Carrie:) A tall person would look better in the pink gown as it's so bold. Since I'm only 5'6 I'd probably end up looking like a bedspread or tablecloth or something...

    Hope your WIP is goig wonderfully well!

  24. Amber ~
    I need you on my pubicity team:) You've just outlined what I'm hoping to do with my book launch for The Colonel's Lady! There's a little tea shop in Kentucky called The Colonel's Lady and I'm hoping to appear in period dress there and have a signing and a tea! But I just need to get you and Amber and Lisa and Casey and all these west coasties there somehow!

    In fact, Casey is doing a blog post on parties soon and we're talking a bit about our favorite costumes and parties so please stay tuned:)

    So glad you haven't read this book and want to! You are definitely in the drawing, dear Amber!

  25. Carla,
    You and I are on the same page with the dress thoughts:) Twenty years ago I could have worn the pink but now that I'm no longer in the first flush of youth, the aqua dress seems more my style. And oh that hat!! I'd love Morrow's, too. Something about all that raspberry silk...

    I can just see you in period dress, too! Am thinking you posted a picture not long ago with you in costume. Or maybe my imagination is working overtime?!

  26. Renee Ann,
    What a lovely thought - that you can think of "putting on" those much needed but often hard to acquire qualities as you dress! Love that!

    I think we've lost so much femininity over the years as these clothes attest. I've often thought if you dressed this way you'd feel so very ladylike and would mind your manners, or feel like you had something to live up to!

    You've mentioned one of my favorite places in the world - Colonial Williamsburg. A book launch there would be amazing. Julia here honeymooned there! And that beats a book launch any day:)

  27. Kav,
    LOL! When I first saw the pink gown I thought, "What's behind those bows?!" And I think they might look better on the back instead of the bodice but I'm no seamstress...

    When I got married years ago, my bridesmaids wore this same pink fabric. Maybe that's why I'm drawn to it. It is certainly a youthful gown in many ways. At my stage I'm loving the aqua. And I can't believe you don't look good in hats either! I don't care what angle I set a hat, it just plain doesn't work!! But I so love them!

    I will have to remember your wonderful wording...the sound of silk taffeta gives me shivers of delight. Ditto!

  28. Adrienne,
    I finished Siri's latest recently, too, and now find corsets kind of scary! I even came across one researcher who said 18th-c. corsets weren't uncomfortable but I don't know if I believe that. These gowns are on ebay which is brand new to me. The directions, for lack of a better word, say both dresses should be worn with corsets! But I don't know where on earth you would get a corset...

    I think I would miss my jeans and bare feet of today. They are easier to manage like you said. I can't imagine washing all this silk or chintz...

    Bless u for voting for the pink! And being in the drawing!

  29. Renee,
    I can't thank you enough for this!! The link is amazing and I love that you can see so many dresses on one page!! And so many 18th-c!! It's THE place for dressing one's heroine. You readers teach me so much!

    Another vote for the mint gown:) I'm thinking we need to rip those bows right off that pink gown and put them at the back. But I've already said that... I LOVE the lush look of the pink but the other is very elegant.

    I'm wishing we could return to that look. Guess we don't ever grow out of the need to play dress-up. At least this writer! Bless you, Renee.

  30. Oh Renee,
    You are killing me! I can't get the link! But I did add the site to my blog roll so will keep trying:) Bless u for that!! I love what I can see!!

  31. Mary,
    I fell in love with the pink gown immediately like you (even the bows, though now, at my age, I would rearrange them a bit). So one more vote for the pink! It is just so full and lovely and LUSH. It looks like it's in a Colonial Williamsburg shop with all that beautiful woodwork around it. I think it would make a lovely wedding gown!

  32. Have to run some boys somewhere so will be back to reply to more comments tomorrow:) Goodnight all and bless you for delighting me with all this dress fuss!

  33. Oh my goodness!!! No way! I guessed what you wanted to do?! :D

    That sounds like soooooooo much fun, and I would LOVE to go! How far is the tea place from Portland? (It's in Washington, right?)

    Anyway, besides being a novelist, I really, really want to be a publicist, and I would LOVE to be a publicist for Revell!!! They have an opening right now for a publicist who would organize blog tours and author interviews, and I only wish I didn't have a year and a half of schooling left to go so I could officially apply! :( But I'm enjoying school right now, so I know it's for the best. If I could get a job like that, though... *sigh* :D

    Anyway, sorry about that long comment! You just got me so excited! ;)


  34. The aqua one wins by a narrow margin for me! I worked at Colonial Williamsburg during high school and wore a similar dress(though not nearly as elaborate and certainly not made of silk taffeta!)The corset was definitely hard to breathe in...

  35. Heather, LOL! I'd be in the barn or field with hands are definitely working hands, no manicures ever! And I'm glad you mentioned gloves as they were as important as stays back then. If I work up the courage and the cash to buy a gown for that launch, I'll certainly invest in some gloves:) So another vote for the aqua gown - or whatever color it is! It's lovely no matter what!

  36. Laura,
    So nice to have another Laura here:) I did a doubletake! It's so interesting to see what you lean toward gown-wise. The dresses are so very different I can almost imagine them worn at different stages of one's life. The pink would be for a younger woman, I think, as the other is elegant and a bit more understated. But I'd take both in a heartbeat! Thanks so much for chiming in here!

  37. Julia,
    Oh my! Now you've got me thinking about the Ballantyne Legacy launch:) And it would have to be in PA as that is the setting, for sure! Renee Steeler Girl is there and you have a short drive? Hmmm. My college roomie lives in Pittsburgh which is where my story leads. Glad it's 2 years away so I can do some serious thinking:)

  38. Lisa,
    I hear you about those undergarments:) And that bra! I think of how time-consuming it must have been to be layered and then stuffed into one of these gowns. I would gladly suffer through it but understand why you'd need a lady's maid by your side when you did it! The silk taffeta does sound divine... Now back to jeans and bare feet:)

  39. Joy,
    I think we must be of the same era as my bridesmaids wore this same pink fabric in my wedding! So I can just imagine it working as a lovely prom dress. The waist of the other gown is only 30 inches. That seems so small to me! But then I remember Scarlett O'Hara had that 17 inch waist...
    Thank you for being here - one more vote for the green. I like how you said, "for today anyway:)"

  40. Amanda,
    LOL at the "restless" part:) I get so tickled at those words sometimes as they match my mood so perfectly! And thanks so very much for your very kind comments about my posts. These gowns sure dress it up. I could just eat that delicious hat!!

    Glad you're a fan of ATMB. Have you read her other newer one yet? The cover is so pretty as I've always been fond of porches and Texas settings. I think it's titled "Head in the Clouds." That's me, for sure! My husband teases me about my blonde moments. And there are many!

    Love hearing what you think about the dresses. I love the full look of the pink like you do. These ebay gowns are amazing. The aqua is actually quite a bit more expensive than the pink and I'm not sure why, probably because silk is more spendy than chintz. Both are HAND SEWN! Can you imagine?!

    Oh, this dress talk is as much fun as book talk:) Bless u this week in all that you do, dear Amanda!

  41. Roving Reader,
    You have a wonderful blog and are so devoted to books:) Love that! I snuck over and visited this morning. Thanks so much for taking time here. It sure blesses me.

    The fact that you're a Colonial Williamsburg former employee is something out of my dreams. I bet you have a few stories to tell. But ouch, that corset does sound uncomfortable though I'd have to get one if I ever took the plunge and had a dress like this.

    So one more vote for the aqua:) Thank you.

  42. Amber,
    Leave it to one of my readers - YOU - to tell me about the opening at Revell:) That does seem like a wonderful opportunity. I love the folks in publicity as they work so hard to get our books "out there" and connect with readers. Interesting that you have that bent!

    Oh, The Colonel's Lady tea room is in Kentucky! I wish I could import you all there! It's quite a haul for me as well and it might not pan out but it's in the works. Stay tuned and I'll tell you all about it as it goes forward (or not:).

  43. Thanks so much for stopping by Laura-as a new blogger that means a lot! Hope your writing goes well... I am waiting for Frontiersman's Daughter to get off the holdshelf at my library!

  44. Oh I love when libraries have my books! Thanks so much for putting in a request and being patient in the waiting. But glad it's checked out:) Bless you for telling me!

  45. Oooo I'm out of school and currently unemployed maybe I can apply for that PR position? LOL I have NO PR experience so that probably wouldn't work.

    Yes Laura you should have a book launch in Pittsburgh. I'm about an hour from there so I would probably be able to make it. :-) The party in Kentucky sounds like a blast too...we could all get dressed up and come for tea!

    XOXO~ Renee

  46. You don't mind if I pass on dressing up, do you? My mother raised a tomboy and I've never outgrown that. :)

  47. Laura,

    I think it would be about 4 hours for me...but if you were doing a launch I would definitely try to get a family trip together :). And it would definitely be great to meet Renee...I think she helped so many of us out when we started our blogs.


  48. Oh Renee, I would SO love for you to come!! If Pitt is only an hour away... Wonder how far you are from that tea shop in KY?

    BTW! You would be AMAZING as a PR person!! You already have the blog tour thing down, not to mention knowing a host of authors:) Bless Amber for the mention!

  49. Gin, I bet there was some serious eye-rolling from your corner when these gowns appeared, you rebel:) And I don't blame you a bit! HUGS!

  50. Julia,
    That's such a nice tribute to Renee. She is something else giving of her time and talents as she does!! Not to mention her stellar reviews of books:)

    And I'd so love to do a PA launch/signing. Will certainly add that to my prayer list!

  51. Yesssss We could all have fun together at the book launch and then we could relax afterwards with a viewing of North and South!

    I know Donna from Revell through the book review program maybe she could help me out and put in a good word for me. ;-)

    You ladies are making me blush, you're all so sweet. I love to help out in any way I can!

    XOXO~ Renee

  52. Seriously, Renee, I do think you would be fantastic at being a book publicist. Look at all the influence you have here in the blogosphere :)

  53. It's so hard to choose which one I like the best. Of course, I have a hard time choosing my favorite of anything. ;)

    I believe I like the pink one with the bows the best. I'm not certain I really like the bows being on the bodice of the gown though. I love the color, the roses, and the lace.

    I have to say, I much prefer today's fashions. But I believe it's because I'm used to them. I would miss my jeans and dress pants.

    I went to visit my parents this weekend, hence my not replying until now. Had chicken and dumplings and macaroni salad. Both were very, very good. However, I was hoping to see pretty fall foliage, but that was not to be this year.

  54. Michelle,
    You were missed! Glad you got some home time. I was just talking to a KY friend of mine who lives here also and she'd made a big kettle of chicken and dumplings. They've been on my mind lately - the perfect fall food:)

    I love the pink, too, but now that I'm getting so sophisticated (aka older!), the aqua has a certain appeal. But in my girlish heart, I'm all pink:)

    Welcome back!

  55. Laura, I love this post! I've never understood descriptions of dresses from the 1700's and 1800's. Now I feel like I might be able to picture a dress when I'm reading.

  56. The main reason the fashions of today are better than alot of yesterday's fashions is the fact that they are probably more comfortable and one can get around easier. Now, just because they are more comfortable doesn't mean they look nicer. Some of the Regency style gowns actually appear to be the most comfortable and easiest to get around in if one is talking of ninteenth or eighteenth century clothing. They wouldn't have very many layers; high waisted; no hoops; don't reach the ground. Personally, I prefer the clean-cut lines of some of those Regency dresses to the dresses with lost of ruffles and lace of other eras. I'm just a plainer person, I guess. For example my favorite ice cream is vanilla; either plain or vanilla bean! :)

  57. Sally, I was just thinking about you yesterday and then you appear here this morning:) How nice is that! I'm so glad you like this post. You've made an important point in saying it's hard to visualize these dresses. I think it's because the terms they use to describe them (like stomacher and a la polonaise, etc.) are just plain strange. A picture really is worth a thousand words:)

    Bless you for reading! That sure blesses me!

  58. Sylvia,
    My husband likes vanilla best, too:) I'm afraid I'm a peanut butter and chocolate kind of gal... I have a terrible sweet tooth!

    I do like the Regency dresses, too, as they have such lovely, simple lines. Elegant! I think the most tortuous dress would have been late Victorian. Some of those women never removed their corsets! And then they had all sorts of medical issues. I also think it's sad they stuffed little girls into corsets very early. So glad we're free of that:)

  59. While I wouldn't want to wear full skirts and corsets, I don't think it would hurt for woman to take a hint from the modesty of that period. With the exception of the deep bodice, women were careful not to show so much as an ankle. While I wouldn't suggest going that far, I think we should have less of the "short skirt."

    I like both dresses, by-the-way. The blue and gold is such a lovely color combo. The pink looks like candy.

  60. I'm not totally up on which style goes for which year, but here's a C19 post where one can see Daniela Denbe-Ashe (Margaret Hale) as a blonde and wearing a dress that they say is mid-19th century, but to me it looks more like late 18th century. The full back makes it look like the late 19th century, but the top of the dress looks older. Does anyone know?

  61. Well said, Britt! Like cotton candy:) That sure brings back memories of those Ky fairs as a kid...

    You mentioned something that has always boggled my modest mind. Why would 18th-c. women layer themselves so well and then spill themselves out of their cleavage?! I remember being a bit shocked by Margaret's gown at Thornton's dinner party in North&South. That was in the next century but still the same low neckline. And men weren't supposed to be shown in their shirtsleeves as it was consider quite provoking/shocking.
    Can't wrap my mind about that whole issue.

    Yes, modesty is best and we talk a lot about that with my boys here at home. Temptations abound.

    Hope you had a wonderful bday!

  62. Sylvia,
    Major kudos to you for getting that link right! I can't believe I did, too!

    Amazing how different DDA looks as a blonde. The dress is so 18th-c. looking to me, too. Esp. the neckline/bodice and sleeves. It's kind of a morph between the 18th and 19th centuries, looks like. A bit odd but I'm no costume expert. I chuckled at her adjusting the sash on the gentleman:) Have you seen that drama?

  63. Ohh, these dresses are soooo pretty!! I'd have to say I prefer the red one! I, personally, like the fashions of yesteryear! My favorite being the gowns from the southern society in the 1800s!!!!

    Katie M

  64. No, I haven't seen that drama, just those pictures. Daniela Denbe-Ashe has blonde colored hair. I think she darkened it for the film. I don't know if blonde is her natural hair color or not.

  65. Laura, have you ever seen The American Girl movie taken from the Felicity books? It's set in the 18th century and in Williamsburg. They filmed it in Canada though. They have a very interesting overview of that period in costumes, food, etc. I know it's supposed to be a kids film, but I enjoyed it as well as the other AG films. I haven't seen the one about Kit yet.

  66. So I'm late to the dress fitting - LOL! Please, the aqua one without question. The pink one looks too much like wallpaper to me, although I do love the idea of hiding all lumps and bumps under the flouncy skirt - hehehehe!

  67. Hmmmm...I came over to respond to your new post...but now its gone.

    Chris and I are now in the process of adopting our daughter from India. I'm so excited I even let the cat out of the bag on my blog :). Our pastor friend is going to India in a few days and he is going to do some checking around for us. :)

  68. YAY! Katie is here:) And I so agree with you that those southern gowns are some of the best of the bunch! Ever since I saw Gone With the Wind I've been hooked. My granny made me one of those dresses and I still have it but have lost the hoops that went under it somewhere. It was so fun getting dressed up in it but whoa! Those hoops had a mind of their own:)

    I'd love to enter you in the drawing! Bless you for your comments as they sure bless me:)

  69. Sylvia,
    No, I haven't seen the Felicity/American Girl film but am going to see if our library has it, thanks to you. Since I love YA books and have plenty of children's history books on hand, I think I'd like it. I've found that children's history books are often the best for writing as they have such wonderful illustrations and break things down so that they can truly be understood. Thus you have great details for your writing.

    You're right about Daniella as I think she is a blonde. I always am a bit shocked when she's out of Margaret mode and is brunette!

  70. Rel,
    You're never too late!! I love having you anytime at all:) I know what ya mean about the wallpaper thing - lol! I was thinking I would look like a big tablecloth or bedspread if I wore it. The aqua seems to match my age and stage better! And I'm all for covering lumps and bumps:) Bless u.

  71. Julia,
    First, a HUGE heartfelt congrats on your adoption news!! I am sorry I missed it as I've been off my blog visiting as I'm on deadline:( I'll pray for you all as you go through the process - that's wonderfully exciting! And how neat that your pastor is traveling there soon. There are so many needy kids there.

    One of my good friends adopted a baby from India 20 some years ago and Raman is the nicest, handsomest, most Godly young man! He always looks like he has the best tan:) And he has THE best personality. Somehow knowing him and his family has made India more dear to me, plus we love the ministry of Paul Pillai over there as he has the orphanages and seminary, etc. Please let me know how everything progresses! That baby is going to have a wonderful Christian home!!

    Oh, the blog post is back up:)

  72. Oh, I can totally understand about the blogs. I've had trouble even getting things written on my own blog lately. But I think the routine is starting to get a bit easier with homeschooling.

  73. Make sure you see the films of Molly and Samantha too. They're both good.

  74. Bless you, Sylvia! You are a wonderful resource!!

  75. Okay yes I know I'm not helping any of you who may have deadlines to meet but I found this blog today and she has some terrific fashion posts!

    XOXO~ Renee

  76. Renee, I'm in need of a deadline break and this is just the thing:) Bless u bunches!!

  77. Ok, I know this post is a few years too late, but I'd vote for the first one. Its Romantic in so many ways. I guess the hat just does it for me! Too many historical re-enactor women fail to remember to cover their hair, when going out in "period" but this gown & hat completes the setting beautifully. Just don't forget the stockings with embroidery up the side of the ankle! Its "so suggestive" LoL. And then there is the purse/hand basket and fan a lady would carry. Sorry, just having some fun here. I love period garb. Done numerous period over the years too. It can bring out the most devilish feminine creature on the prowl :D