Tuesday, August 4, 2009

tattered hearts

I think the one thing that stands out to me with the release of this first book is how much God loves me. And you! You can grow up singing, "Yes, Jesus Loves Me," but then go 40 years without truly believing it, like I did. Things happen in our lives that keep us from feeling His all-consuming love first hand. Fortunately He's in the business of mending tattered hearts. And He's mended mine through my writing dream.

My mom told me yesterday she found an old photo of me in a colonial dress and bonnet my granny had made - I was about 10 or so. I'm going to try to post it on my new website. It made me think of the stories I wrote as a child, never thinking I'd see mine in print some day. But God had planted those stories in my heart, knowing it would take 40 years for me to realize how tattered I was and how distrusting of Him. Interestingly enough, He took the thing that mattered most to me, my writing, to show me how much He loves me. He doesn't need my help or my books or talents. Bookshelves are stuffed with all kinds of fiction. But He loved me enough to reach back through the years and redeem my writing dream, knowing how much it meant to me.

And now that I'm here, it's very different than I thought it would be. Wonderful in its own way and very fulfilling but still fleeting. Scripture has a lot to say about temporary treasure. I like what Beth Moore said in her Daniel study:

"God's glory quickens every nerve ending. It's not the pain-free life. It's not the safe-at-a-distance life. But, Beloved, it is life most alive. Life most abundant."


  1. what beautiful thoughts, Laura!!
    i pray that you feel blessed and loved beyond measure during this time in your life. I'm sure God is using your writing hand to reach the lost for Him.

  2. Thank you, Lisa. You've shared some beautiful comments yourself. Readers like you make it all worthwhile. God wants to use each of us and it's a joy to realize that at last!

  3. Beth Moore is a great author to read. I haven't read the Daniel one but I have read Breaking Free and it had a lot of insight.
    I know what you mean about truly believing God loves you. My mom has told me before that that is the one thing I needed to believe, and she's told me recently too. It's hard to come to grips with because you think there's some catch, but in reality it's pretty simple. Yesterday and the day before I was reading Psalms, and if you go through it, it continuously states unfailing love. That's definitely something you can't miss.

  4. What uplifting thoughts, Laura. Isn't it so like the Lord to surprise us with unexpected blessings, as He did you through your writing?

  5. Yes, Keli, I'm continually amazed that He has a tailor-made plan for each of us that fits who He created us to be. I try to wrap my mind around it and can't! So I guess gratitude is the best response.

  6. Adge, I did the Breaking Free study, too and it was great. I'm glad you mentioned His unfailing love. Just this morning I read that the Bible talks about His unfailing love 32 times and not once does it come from us, just Him. I love the Psalms, also, especially 139. But there are so many...

  7. Rhonda,
    Great to hear from you again:) Glad you liked this post. I always think of you as I write them.