Thursday, August 6, 2009

backyard gardens and books

This Saturday is my backyard garden book signing in Port Angeles, Washington. My friends, Jim and Kathy, spent years creating a small paradise on their property, complete with a pond filled with Koi fish, a waterfall, and beautiful deck. They were gracious enough to be excited enough about my book that they wanted to host this book party, complete with a cake bearing an edible book cover:) I promise to post a picture of Lael amidst all that buttercream come Monday.

After meeting so many historical fiction enthusiasts last weekend, I pray I have enough books this Saturday. If I run out I suppose I could hand out book cards and a sincere apology. Being new at this, I just don't know what to expect at these type things. I do know I love meeting readers and so appreciate folks who want to ready my book! What a joy that is!

In the meantime I'm back to work on book 3 and answering emails from readers. Thanks to Deb at True Vine bookstore in Iowa who really enjoyed this first book! Also, bless you readers who are posting reviews on Amazon and - they are wonderful and warm my heart!! I just received an endorsement from one of my favorite authors, Jane Kirkpatrick, who has a new novel out entitled A Flickering Light. When you've been a closet writer for so many years you really don't know if your words will reach anyone or not! I'm grateful some of you are enjoying Lael's story.

I like what Jane Kirkpatrick posted on her blog - that she feels a little sad when a book she's written is released. She didn't elaborate but I think I know what she means. That particular story, for an author, is finished. It's not really theirs anymore but belongs to readers to make of it what they will.

Anyway, for those near enough to come, the backyard garden book signing is at 2314 South Lincoln Street in Port Angeles this Saturday, August 8th, from 1-4 p.m. Thus far the weather is most uncooperative - foggy and a chilly 52 degrees. Sweater weather. Praying it won't rain!

Please check back Saturday when I post the name of the second book giveaway winner. Bless you as you read!


  1. Laura, how wonderful to have friends open their beautiful yard to you for your book launch. I hope you have an amazing time. The scrapbooker in me wants to see pictures of the cake, you signing your book and the huge smile you'll be sporting throughout the event.


  2. Oh, Laura, how exciting! The backyard garden book party sounds wonderful.

    I got your book in the mail today and peeked in at the first couple of sentences. I'm hooked already!

    I'm trying to discipline myself to just read one book at a time---it's hard. So, I've got one to finish and then I will start yours. I love to post reviews at so I'll do that when I'm through!

  3. Keli and Mary,
    Wish you were both joining me in the garden Saturday!! I promise to take lots of pics and post the best ones. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm and support - it means more than words can say.
    Oh, to have some scrapbooking skills, Keli:)
    Mary, I pray you like the book when you read. I love reviews so am thrilled you like to write them! Thank you both.

  4. Jane Kirkpatrick.... how exciting!! i love her books, as I'm sure i'll love yours.
    i really do want to go and buy it... but you told me to wait... oh, i guess i'll take my chances on the next book giveaway.
    have a wonderful book signing this weekend. i'll pray for some sunshine to make it your way!

  5. Hi Lisa,
    Ohhh, I'm so glad you're anxious to read my book:) That puts a smile on any author's face! The other best said thing is, "I couldn't put your book down!" Praying that happens for you!!