Friday, August 28, 2009

relz reviews

Any idea which character in The Frontiersman's Daughter this handsome man is? Ever wonder if an author has actual people in mind when they develop a character? I've recently met a reviewer from Australia well known to Christian fiction and she's done a character spotlight of some folks you may know on her popular blog. Hop on over to and you'll find pictures of Lael, Ian, Captain Jack, and Simon.

Rel writes: Laura Frantz has made a stellar debut with her first historical romance, The Frontiersman's Daughter. Lael Click is a character that will stay with you for a long time, as will the three men whose lives are changed by this unique woman."

It's fun and interesting to learn what readers think of characters - and especially who they may have looked like. Of course everyone has their own ideas. When my husband read TFD, he kept looking at the cover and saying, "That's not Lael!" I like her, however:)

Please visit Rel and then come back and tell me what you think. I'd love to hear who you imagined the characters to be or if you didn't think this way about them at all!


  1. Laura,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I will post a longer review on my website by tonight
    It was truly a lovely book.

    Btw, those Mtn pictures you have, remind me a lot of home. I'm from the Blue Ridge Mountains of VA

  2. Pepper,
    Thank you for stopping by here. I'm very familiar with your mountains as I've been there many times:)Looking forward to visiting your website!

  3. I picture Lael much closer to the picture on the cover of the book than Sissy Spacek...I was absolutely drawn to her character oven more so than her appearance. I love the grit that she has.

    I have to admit that when you suggest dark-haired Scotsman, Gerard Butler instantly comes to mind, so that one was "spot on!"

    That is an AMAZINGLY close picture to how I pictured Captain Jack!!! (And I was SOOOO serious when I said you need to write a sequel and tell us what happened to him. =) )

    This was one GREAT book and I can't wait to read your next one!

  4. Ashli,
    You and I think alike:) Captain Jack is just right in this picture, and I'm hearing that from others via email. My second book has a Captain Jack type character in it whom I hope you like as much as I do. Bless you for reading my book - and telling me how much you enjoyed it!

  5. I just posted my review for TFD on my blog for the Revell Blog Tour... I can't wait to read your next one!(and a link to your blog as one of my favorites)

  6. Ashli,
    Really like your blog!! Keep up the great book reviews:) I can tell you are an author at heart by the lovely way you write. Thank you for posting about my book!

  7. well, if that is Capt. Jack then i can see why Lael was so drawn to him and the intrigue that he held. handsome, handsome!
    i'm going to check those other pictures later, my computer is acting up this morning so i'll wait until it behaves better.

  8. Yes, Eric Schweig was the very man I had in mind for CJ. And he is so very handsome. Pray your computer is better later, Lisa:) Thanks for stopping by!

  9. I waited to visit Relz Reviews until I'd finished reading The Frontiersman's Daughter so I could form my own pictures of the characters. I'm glad I did, because my images are far different than those at RR.

    I'm with Ashli. I think the woman on the cover matches my vision of Lael far better than Sissy Spacek. Unlike Ashley, though, I protested audibly when I saw the choice for Ian. Much as I love watching Gerard act, he's not at all what I pictured. Captain Jack is right on target though. And Simon? Well, I never liked him enough to form much of a picture.

  10. Keli,
    You are smart to have waited till you read the book. Otherwise it's kind of a spoiler. We're all unanimous about Captain Jack! Such a handsome fellow and so right for the character. The rest...hmmm. I think Ian is in a class all his own but then he stole my heart completely:)