Monday, August 17, 2009

book 2 has a title!

This painted paper fan and dress are the things you'll find in my protagonist's wardrobe in book 2. Morrow Mary Little is unlike Lael Catherine Click in every way, right down to the way she dresses. The only similarity between Lael and Morrow is that they both live in 18th-century Kentucke. I'm not sure when Kentucke officially became Kentucky but there were many strange spellings for many years. The Indians referred to it as Can-tuck-ee and settlers even said, "Kaintuck." But I digress! You don't give a hoot about archaic spellings - you just want the book's title. Here 'tis...

Courting Morrow Little

I'd love to know what you think! Does the title tell you anything about the book? Make you want to pick it up - or not? Provide any clues as to the plot? Hmmmm.

There is no mistaking a real book when one meets it. It is like falling in love. -Christopher Morley (1890-1957)


  1. I love that dress and fan. And the title does give you an idea of what's going on, but I like covers. I think it's great when authors have a cover specially made for their book, because if a cover doesn't go with the book at all it leaves you wondering.

  2. I love this dress and fan, too. I forgot to mention both are very old 18th-century items. I think we've lost a lot of femininity in the past 200 years - this fabric and fan are exquisite:)
    You hit on my favorite topic - book covers. Even better than the title! The cover art is next once the title is decided on. I'll be sure to post a pic of the new cover though it's still a couple of months away.

  3. I like the title. I know immediately your book is a historical. Since those are my favorite reads, I'd snatch it off the shelf and read the blurb.

    I look forward to the sneak peek of your cover.

  4. I loved your book - the Frontierman's Daughter so much that I read it twice -- in a row! I have never been to Kentucky, but your book has peeked a desire to see your home state.
    Yes, the title of a book is very meaningful, as is the cover and the brief synopsis on the back of cover. It is in this order that I will seek a book - title, cover and synopsis on the rear cover.
    The dress and fan are wonderful. I love the historic stories because they depict a time of the past which was graceful yet cruel at times.
    I anxiously await reading abou Miss Little.
    Sheryl Davis of NJ

  5. Sheryl,
    Bless you for writing and also for reading my book twice - what a wonderful way to start my day!! I'm thrilled you enjoyed Lael's story and I hope you'll like Morrow's just as much.
    If you do get to Kentucky, please contact me beforehand and I'll tell you about some places you won't want to miss:)It's an amazing state with a lot of history and I stay homesick most of the time. I've never been to NJ but it's full of colonial history so I know I would love it.
    It's so interesting to me to hear what readers like you look for in a book. We all are searching for the same things - eye-catching title/cover/back blurb. That type thing makes or breaks a book. My book baskets overfloweth! I arrange the prettiest covers on top just so I can look at them!
    Sheryl, you've encouraged me so much. I love my readers! Please stop by again!

  6. Keli,
    You are so right about the title - the simple word "courting" tells you it's a historical right away. Plus Morrow's name is unusual - I think that's why the titling committee used it. I wonder why we gravitate toward historicals more than any other genre? I sure hope you enjoy Lael's journey and Morrow's. Wish I could have a book on the shelf every month! A year seems a long time to wait:)

  7. I love the name, Morrow!! And the title is one that I would definitely check out if I saw it on a shelf. Maybe a bit of romance?
    Courting is so much better than dating, don't you think?

  8. Dear Laura,
    I neglected to mention the most important theme of your book which was the way Lael came to know Jesus as her savior. The struggle she went through which is so much like our own lives. How our precious Lord brings people into our lives to share their faith so that we, too, can begin to know Him. Thank you for sharing this wonderful gift God has given you.
    Warmest regards,
    NJ Sheryl

  9. Laura, I'm so excited! Like the other readers here, historical novels are my favorite. While I'm loving spending time with Lael on the frontier right now, I look forward to meeting Morrow in more stately surroundings!

    I'm almost finished with "The Frontiersman's Daughter"---loving it. I'll post a review of it on my blog, but unfortunately for you that means only five to ten people will read it! ;-)

  10. Yes, Lisa,
    More than a little romance in this next book:) I wonder when "courting" became "dating" in our culture? I much prefer the older term. So much more romantic!

    p.s. i mailed your giveaway book out yesterday and am praying you enjoy it!

  11. Mary,
    Thank you so very much for saying you'll post a review of TFD! I really appreciate your buying the book and reading it! I love my readers and pray for them daily - and you are one of them:) I wish I could meet my blog friends in person but this is a wonderful substitute. I like to play blog tag and have been meaning to comment on your last post and picture. I think you have more blog readers than you think:-)

  12. Sheryl,
    I have to say that you were God's gift to me this morning. I'd had a blue day yesterday as I heard from a reader who said there was no Christian message in the book and posted a review about this. I was sad as she obviously stopped reading the book and missed the message you pointed out here. The whole reason behind writing this book was to point to Christ as Savior. Thank you for emphasizing this. When I read your first comment early today I thought, "His mercies are new every morning" as I was immediately uplifted. Thank you so much for that! What a difference it makes when someone takes the time to encourage someone!!
    Bless you so very much!

  13. I must say, while I didn't think all that much on book one's title, I love book two's title! Informative yet appealing--plus love the name of the character!

  14. Yes, Chris, this 2nd title is really appealing to me and I think even Morrow would like it:) I have to thank Billy Graham for the name as Morrow is one of his granddaughters!

  15. Laura...I love your blog. You have a Gift! and I do like the title of Book 2. It makes me very curious and curiousity will make me read. I so disagree with the person who said the first book had no Christian message. It had a wonderful, winsome, heart message that wasn't beat-you-over the head but made you think more deeply about what it really means to be changed Spiritually. That's one of the things I appreciate about it. I look forward to #2. Have you practiced walking in those fabulous shoes??? Wow. What a stunning outfit. Well done.

  16. Myrna,
    Your encouragement means so much to me! I've gone from feeling blue to feeling very sunny, thanks to all the kind comments the last couple of days - yours among them. God works in wonderful ways with His people and I'm the happy beneficiary:)

  17. Laura, I've finished The Frontiersman's Daughter and have written a review on my blog. Your already great selling-numbers will surely sky rocket now with my endorsement! *wink*

    I have also written reviews on CBD and Crossings just now. It will take a day for them to appear. I use my real name in the reviews, but I think you will be able to tell which ones are written by me.

  18. Mary,
    I can't thank you enough for leaving reviews on your great blog plus so many other sites! Not only that, your personality shines through in your writing style:) I appreciate your insights so much. I hope folks will hop over to your blog and check out all you are doing down south and be blessed!

  19. I love the word "courting". It's very sweet and romantic, and makes one feel cherished.

  20. Virginia, My sentiments exactly! The word is just so lovely and romantic and suits Morrow's unusual courtship to a T. I am sad that it has fallen out of usage. Will have to do a bit of research to figure out when that happened and why, word lover that I am:) Thank you for stopping by here. I love hearing from you!