Friday, August 21, 2009

counting blessings

Happy Friday, dear readers. I love looking forward to sleeping in and having coffee on Saturdays and doing whatever else without paying attention to the schedule. Although I must confess a perfect Saturday for me means several hours of writing as it remains my favorite thing to do.

Several things made me smile this week:

*all of your wonderful comments, which really helped me over my first publishing bump. Bless you all! This was a timely reminder of the power we have to help each other by a kind word or two. My editor called this week and said that it takes three positive comments to make up for one negative one! I'm a believer as you did that for me!

*received word that I'll see the cover for Courting Morrow Little in about a month! Revell's amazing art director asked for dress ideas for Morrow so I was able to send the designer some pictures of actual 18th-century gowns. She also asked what type of hair style Morrow has. It's a simple chignon which is an elegant bun worn at the nape of the neck. Although this French word didn't come into usage until 1783, and Morrow's story is a bit before that, I'm going to go with it:)

*felt God's faithfulness as a writing assignment I'd struggled with for several months came together and was accepted! Only He could have managed that.

*realized that the new wrinkles I'm seeing are moving me closer to eternity and not just 50:)

How have you felt God's faithfulness to you this week? Any unexpected blessings? Even a simple one?


  1. The big blessing this week was my sister-in-law's safe delivery of a healthy baby girl yesterday.

    But I am drawn to your question about simple blessings. My son had a swollen, sore eyelid for a few days this week and I asked God to heal it. I know I could have taken him to the doctor about it, but I just told God I really needed Him to do it for us. Something in my heart just needed to see His physical touch. And He did it. God is so good in the big things AND the small things! Thanks for letting me share.

  2. Mary, I love what you've written here. When our children hurt it's always BIG to me, no matter how small. And when He answers the prayers of a mom's heart, I feel especially loved.

  3. Oh Mary, and big warm wishes for that baby girl!! I know you're going to enjoy her immensely. What a gift!

  4. Laura, I'm glad your week held several blessings. How exciting that you'll see your next cover in a month and that you got to have so much input regarding Morrow's clothing and hairstyle.

    Congrats on having that writing assignment accepted. Are you able to say what it is? An article or another book contract perhaps?

    As one who turned fifty last month, I'm accepting my growing crop of wrinkles as reminders of the wonderful life experiences I've had in my first half-century. :)

    My blessing this week was learning that the inspirational historical I've been working on, Violets & Violins finaled in another contest, the second one this month.

  5. Keli,
    I like your positive spin on wrinkles:) I'll remember that. The writing assignment was book 2 which I'd rewritten in a big way. I learned that rewriting is harder than writing from scratch and I wasn't sure it would come together as I'd hoped but it did. God has been so faithful throughout and it is a joy to get back to book 3!
    Many congrats on your book finaling!! It sounds like just the sort of historical I'd love to read.

  6. Laura, I empathize on the rewrite. I'm currently revising Violets & Violins for the second time. This rewrite involved replacing a ho hum start with a far stronger one, a task which required me to ditch the first 50K and create a new first half. The story is far better as a result, but cutting can be painful. Thankfully, I've learned to wield the scalpel--or, in this case, the ax--comforted by the knowledge that I'm making my story better.

    Thanks for sharing in my celebration. It's nice to see that the new beginning is appealing to contest judges.