Thursday, July 30, 2009

I had a radio interview with this morning and the host, Dianne Burnett, made it so easy as she's so gracious:) I could get used to that type of thing! I was able to talk about my brother and granny as being so inspirational to me, and a lot about Kentucky and the history there.

So many interesting things happening this week! Ever notice how times can be stressful and then you get these unexpected joy breaks? I'm having a wonderful week after some not so wonderful weeks. Here are the bright spots - temps topped 103 degrees here yesterday, shattering all records ever kept! I handed in manuscript #2 to my editor three days ahead of deadline! Am hearing from readers which is a joy! Have a little time to breathe and can go into the garden and pick peas and raspberries. Anxious to get back to book 3 - now I can!

If any readers would like to be a part of my book giveaway this Saturday morning, please leave a comment here with your name or email me at I love you readers! Where would authors be without them?


  1. Laura, what fun it must have been to be interviewed by I'm glad the interviewer made you feel comfortable.

    Congrats on getting your second book to your editor ahead of schedule. Now you have time to take a breath before the BIG day.

    How do you feel with your release so close?

  2. Keli,
    It's wonderful to hear from you again! That's an excellent question you've posed. My answer - I feel like I'm handing my heart out in public with this book. As a writer, I know you understand. Scary but thrilling. Now off to visit Barnes & Noble tomorrow to see it on the shelf:) Please stop back by!

  3. Laura, as a scrapbooker as well as a writer, I want to remind you to take a camera to record this milestone. Gotta catch that ear-to-ear grin for posterity.

  4. Keli,
    Thanks so much for the reminder!! I'm sure my grin will exceed the camera frame:) Will try to post a pic this weekend! Wish I had you near to help me with the beautiful scrapbook I bought last year to record my writing journey (but somehow the journey got away from me). Sigh. Maybe someday!