Friday, July 24, 2009

friday's almost forgotten frontier fact

This picture is entitled, "Dreaming of a hunt." These frontier hunters, trappers, and scouts were such an interesting sort. They were rugged men who had a healthy respect for the wilderness and the dangers within but weren't afraid of much. Solitude was second nature though they sometimes took Indian wives. They weren't at home penned up in a cabin or fort. Farming was almost women's work to them. Some hated the Indians and some, like Boone, found them tolerable, even admirable. A great many of them were multi-lingual. I have one of these fluent, wandering, fearless men in book 2, Red River Daughter. And that, dear reader, is my short but sweet frontier fact.

I'm reading the most amazing book. Love's Pursuit by Siri Mitchell, a fellow Baker Books author. It's been a long time since I've read anything I've liked so much, other than James Thom. When I need a break from my book, I pick up hers. Nothing like writing a good book or reading one!

Happy Friday!


  1. Hey Laura!
    Here I am writing you in the middle of the night once again at work! I work a couple Friday nights a month now so for some reason it works out well to catch up on your blog then. By the way, I am getting ready to read your book here soon! I hear great reviews (but not details as to give anything away) by Aunt Judy who has already read the ENTIRE thing! She said she loved it! Janice is in Ky. now for a few days and Janelle driving down today (now Saturday) as they are going to see Joy tomorrow. Tom is not doing well and they just found out he has cancer (lung and bone most likely). Anyway, will keep you posted. Praying all is well your way....hello to the family!

  2. Thank you, Rhonda, for the family update! Am thrilled Aunt Judy liked the book:) So sorry to hear about Tom. I think of all of you so often. Overdue to come out of the woods, I think. Wish we could all be together. Soon - in Tennessee:)