Thursday, July 23, 2009

the book is on shelves!

My dear aunt Janelle in Ohio emailed this morning to tell me some of my Kentucky aunts just bought my book and have read it or are reading it:) That is wonderful news! I wasn't sure when it would be in bookstores but my publisher tends to place their books a bit ahead of the release date. Better early than late! If Barnes & Noble wasn't 1 1/2 hours away I'd run over there and take a picture. I do know that our local bookseller, Port Book and News, on First Street in Port Angeles will have the book next week.

On Tuesday I received my first official book review by a Louisville native and author who is a descendant of a frontiersman. She wrote a very in-depth review which was, when printed out, 4 pages long:) I would post the link here but her review is so comprehensive and goes into such detail, I'd rather you read the novel! But it will be on my new website when it's up and running. If anyone would like to post a review on Amazon or, please do!

Meanwhile, summer goes on. Foggy and 50 degrees here this morning. My favorite event of the year begins tomorrow - the sand sculpture contest in downtown Port Angeles. Sand sculptors from around the world (even Kentucky!) are here creating massive sand castles and other mind-boggling things. I will try to post a pic as the boys and I are going to walk the beach and admire everything tomorrow. Hope this fog goes away and the wind stays calm for these artists. They are armed to the teeth with all sorts of interesting tools and spray bottles to make the sand behave.

Oh, and I can't forget Friday's fact! Please stay tuned...


  1. the sand sculpting contest sounds like fun! i think they have one down here at Lincoln City.. i've never been though.
    have a great day with your guys!!

  2. Thanks, Lisa! I'll try to post some pics on Monday. I bet Oregon has some major sand stuff going on as your beaches are so beautiful. The Washington beaches are so rocky and dangerous with all those big logs tossed in with the surf but Oregon...ah! All that SAND:)

  3. Congratulations, Laura! You must be over the top with excitement. Has the book made the shelves at your local bookstore yet?

  4. Hi Keli,
    Yes, I'm thrilled - never thought I'd see this day. Our local bookseller is getting the book in this week and I need to check the Bible bookstore an hour away. Wish I lived by Barnes&Noble:)
    I'm sure enjoying your blogs and all the fine writing you do. Bless you for stopping by here.