Monday, July 13, 2009

paul and spongebob turn 10

Birthdays are big at our house. You get to eat what you want. Watch more cartoons than usual. Skip violin practice. Consume lots of cake. Make your brother do all your chores. Paul and Spongebob just turned 10 and we had a fun time celebrating. We were going to go to the beach but it turned into a foggy 58 degree day. So we just stayed home and shared this little Spongebob cake:)

This is a busy month in every way. I'm going to be drawing a name for my first official book giveaway on August 1st so if you'd like to put your name in the hat, please leave a comment here or email me at For those of you who've already contacted me in the past, thank you! I'm going to be holding some other giveaways in August so if I have your name you have a good chance of winning at least one prize:) I'm also going to be asking readers for names of heroines/protagonists for book 4 in the near future, among other things!

My webmaster is expecting baby #6 so my new blog/website has been understandably bumped till August. But in a few weeks you should see some cabins and mountains and Kentuckyish kinds of things on here. Can't wait!

For those near enough to come, I'll be behind a book table at two events:

*Joyce Daze Blackberry Festival/Joyce, Washington on Saturday, August 1st from 10-4

*Backyard Garden Book Signing in Port Angeles, WA on Saturday, August 8 from 1-4, 2314 South Lincoln

Just look for a table spread with a Log Cabin quilt, a blonde woman with a bit of a drawl, and lots of books:)


  1. Cool.. wish I could be there at one of the book events!
    Your actually gonna let us try and pick out a name for your heroine?!!! fun, fun... i'll start thinking of something. Is she any certain nationality? that would make a difference in a name.

    And Happy birthday to Paul! I just tucked my 10 year old into bed and his nightly thing is getting a back rub/scratch for a couple of minutes each night. I told him he is so spoiled... how many 10 year old boys have a mommy to scratch their backs every night before they go to sleep? he just grinned and said, "probably not many".
    spoiled rotten, I say! ha ha

  2. Aren't 10 year old boys the greatest!!? I bet our guys would be good friends if we lived closer. AND, if we lived closer, you could come to a book event:) I may be down your way in the Canby area in future though I think that might still be a stretch. Yes, any names you can think of would be great! No specific nationality for this heroine. Like most colonists she has European roots.
    Enjoy that 10 year old and those back rubs. The years fly by so fast!

  3. Hey! Great pic! Love the spongebob cake.....did you make it? I hope Paul had a wonderful bday. He should get something from us in the next couple days. 10 yr. olds are fun and Zach is lots of fun for me! He still likes to hang out with his parents and go places and do things with us......he still likes to even sleep with us, ha! They grow up too fast so enjoy every minute. Sydney wants nothing to do with us basically at her age.....hope that changes later. And oh yes, so excited for your book coming out!! You are ecstatic I know! Wish we lived closer to have a little celebration ! Hello to the rest of the gang and talk with you soon. I still stay so busy with work.......50 hrs. a week EVERY week! :)

  4. Rhonda, You are too busy to remember P's bday but am so glad you did!! He'll be thrilled when he runs to the mailbox:) No, the cake was compliments of Safeway. I've hung up my apron for the most part and now look for every shortcut in the book! So glad to hear from you. I think of you often and pray you are having a great summer.