Saturday, May 30, 2009


Here's my hard-working (and handsome) husband and sons weeding the garden on a sunny Saturday afternoon. I'm exempt as I can't weed and write at the same time. We're having amazing weather with temps in the 70's. Seattle is up to 80! Hallelujah:) Tomorrow they're planning on hiking past Sol Duc Falls and fishing at Hidden Lake, a national treasure. I'm exempt from that as well, thanks to my deadline. I just have to pack them lunch (jalapeno bagels, string cheese, beef jerky, goldfish crackers, chocolate chip cookies, etc.). I think they really go just to eat all the way up and back, though if I was trailing along I'd bring very different edibles. Only garlic cheese grits are hard to stuff in a backpack.

So tomorrow after Sunday school and church I get to be home alone and that, dear readers, almost never happens.


  1. me, personally, would much rather go on the hike and eat those yummies you mentioned. But i understand you have a deadline to meet.
    The garden is looking great. the kids and i go out every day to see what new sprouts are coming up in our garden. of course, most of them are weeds but we do have some "edibles" sprouting up too.
    hope you are enjoying your quiet sunday afternoon at home!

  2. What a handsome family! I know you are so proud of them.

  3. Yes, I survived being home alone and hate to admit that it was almost too quiet! Glad your garden is growing, too. I know your kids must enjoy watching things sprout and then pulling them up:) When they were little my boys loved digging for potatoes. Good memories!

  4. Thank you, Bobbi. I really like when I catch them all at work:) Hope they grow up and have a garden as it's becoming a lost art - just like letter writing!