Wednesday, May 6, 2009

lemon trees

I thought I'd best give a Spain update. My brother and his family live in Granada and right now in their garden the roses are blooming and I counted one lemon on their lemon tree. Considering they've not had grass in the places they've lived the last 20 years, this is sort of like Eden. Granada is the historic home of the Moors and Spanish Gypsy's, sits at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and is only 30 minutes from the Mediterranean Coast. Needless to say, they are loving Spain. I love imagining flying over there!

Their VISAS were recently approved and Chris flies back to the US to pick them up in a few days. He's being certified to open an English language school and has one student already - their landlord who isn't a Christian. Christianity is regarded as a cult. So the term "missionary" is not popular there or anywhere, really. Prayers for them are always appreciated.

If you want to check out their lemon tree and new home and ministry, please go to


  1. Laura, I tried coping and pasting the link to your brother's site into my browser, but I got a "page not found" error message. I looked at the link but can't find anything that's obviously wrong with it.

  2. Gin, Thank you for bringing this up as I am having trouble myself. I'll get in touch with Chris and have him fix the problem. His site really is worth looking at as he is computer savvy and does some interesting things. Good to hear from you!

  3. Been catching up on some of your blog entries. You always do a great job and the pictures are a great addition. Since I still reside in dinosaur world with dial-up internet, I don't even try pictures. Got too many other things on my list of have-to-dos. And never start out shopping in a bookstore if you need to buy anything besides books! Your time and money will fly away.

  4. Thanks for letting me know--I didn't notice the link was wrong either. Our site is not a .org site but a .com site.

    I went ahead and changed your post to reflect this.

  5. Amen, Ann! I'm thankful our nearest Barnes & Noble is two hours away! We just had wireless installed in April after 10 years of dial-up so I know that it's impossible to post pictures with the latter. A newsletter is looking better to me all the time!