Tuesday, May 12, 2009

books, blog posts, and delete buttons

See these sweet book charms? They're all that remain of my blog post of yesterday. Bobbi and Lisa, I hope you read my replies to your great comments before my computer ate that particular post! Operator error on my part, I'm sure! Sometimes that delete key is a little too handy. But at least the picture remains. I've often thought how wonderful it would be to write and be computer savvy. Now you know which I am and which I'm not!

Computers, when they work, are wonderful inventions but I still love plain old paper and ink. And handwritten notes or letters. And journals. I'd love to know if you currently keep a journal or if you've kept one in the past. Some people keep journals for their kids which I did do in the boy's early years. Now I keep a writing journal. Some folks keep Christmas Journals which I think really add to the holiday spirit. Spiritual journals filled with Scripture and what God is teaching you are always meaningful, especially in hindsight. My mom always says that if you are doubting God's care of you, look back at how He has met your needs in the past, then you can trust Him with your future.

Stay tuned for a great spring recipe tomorrow and then Friday's frontier fact. Hope you have some good spring reading handy. I do!


  1. nope, I hadn't read it but that's ok... I'll forgive you and the delete-button-pushing-finger!

  2. Lisa, something tells me you are far more computer savvy than I! I always love when you switch things around on your blog. I try to do that and it never works!! Thanks for stopping by again! I need to hop on over to your blog next:)

  3. oh goodness. I don't know a fraction of what there is to know about computers!! My brother (who is a complete computer nerd) asked me once what my ram or gb was? I have no clue!! I don't even know what that means. Something to do with the memory, that's all i know.
    I just mess around with stuff and see what works. I only use the Blogger formats. I don't know how people change and add other backgrounds or headers.
    So you make me laugh when you say that I'm computer savvy!

  4. Lisa, You're still way ahead of me! I love the big sewing pic you use as a header and all the cool pics in your sidebar. I went over to Beth Moore's blog as she just changed formats and saw that she had a designer do that - when I clicked on the link I couldn't believe how inexpensive it is to have it done but I still don't have a clue how to do it! Long story short, I think I'm stuck with the blog templates for now. But thank heavens for those, huh?!