Tuesday, May 19, 2009

a day at home

5:00 am: Up and packing Randy's lunch, making coffee, trying to be quiet.
6:00 Quiet time, then coffee time, answering email, etc.
7:00 Writing for as long as I can before homeschooling begins.
9:00 Official homeschool start. Books open and boys fidgety. Violin for 1/2 hour or so.
10:30 Walk rain or shine (it boosts creativity, don't ya know).
11:30 lunch (love to have a personal chef, then remember I am the personal chef).
12:00 Writing again - bliss! Boys doing schoolwork/chores.
4:00 Dad comes home.
5:00 Time to start supper.
6:00 Supper
7:00 Back to writing, reading, research.
9:00 Bedtime for all.

I know of one writer who homeschools NINE children and writes books! So 2 kids and a tiny house and books are really no problem. Or so I tell myself:) I wouldn't be doing this with any semblance of grace if my boys were still small. That's why I put my writing away for 5 years back then. Writing is expendable. Children are not. Some writer moms might be able to do both well. I could not.

Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see. -John Whitehead

It is easier to build strong children than repair broken men.
-Frederick Douglass

Boy, noun: a noise with dirt on it. - Not Your Average Dictionary


  1. I have the highest regards for anyone who homeschools! I love my girls to death, but I'm afraid we would have killed each other if I homeschooled. My baby will be a senior this year, so we have college planning on the brain.

  2. I always enjoy the quotes that you put at the bottom of your posts. Love the one by Frederick Douglass but I have to say my favorite one today would have to be the "boy: noun..." definition. ha ha
    Whoever came up with that one, definitely has boys!!!

  3. Hi Bobbi, I also think you have a daughter getting married soon, if I read your blog correctly! I do like homeschooling but it's not for everyone. Sometimes it's not for me either:) Hope you have fun college shopping - lots of good KY schools out there!

  4. Lisa, I actually thought of you when I chose this quote as you have 2 boys like me:) As they get older they get noisier and dirtier, I think! But I sure love them both. I hear girls are very different. Maybe I'll have a girl grandbaby one day. Your girls are sure sweet:)