Tuesday, May 26, 2009

clear blue sky

I've often thought the title of this post would make a good book title. We had some amazing weather the past few days so thought I'd post a picture of the beach a mile from our house. We live with Olympic National Park at our back door and beautiful Crescent Beach at our front, so to speak. Here's Paul again, son #2. If you're wondering where Wyatt is, he's photo-phobic at age 12-1/2. It always rains on Memorial Day here (and the 4th of July) but yesterday it didn't for the first time we can remember. I hope you had a good Memorial Day and took time to remember those who made it possible. Our rain has returned today.

I've been writing my heart out and not spending much time in the sun. We did get our tomatoes planted and Randy put half the garden in. We're growing a lot of wildflowers instead of vegetables this year as I don't have time to do much gardening and canning like I used to do. I miss my big pantry with jar after jar of salsa, green beans, vegetable soup, jam, apple rings, peaches and pears, and all the rest. It looked positively Amish! That's been the downside of writing about 18th-century life. You can't do much elaboration on the food - it was mostly meat and cornbread through the year, though those early settlers did grow watermelons and vegetables at Fort Boonesborough.

I have a terrible hankering to be in Kentucky about now. Hope you're planning the trip I can't take. Hope you toss my book in your bag for vacation if you're leaving August 1st or so! I'd sure appreciate it!

Happy Tuesday.


  1. Hi Laura,
    Great picture! Looks so peaceful there! So chaotic here, ha! Just got Zach off this morning at 5 AM for his big trip! He was so excited! I see where Chris goes back to Spain today or tomorrow I think. You guys will for sure be in Gatlinburg 2010, right?! Can't wait! We are going to take a little vacation of some sort this August either to the beach or somewhere with the kids.....just the 4 of us. I will be more than ready for a break by then, and I will be reading your book by then as well! :) Headed back to bed after I get Sydney off to school. Hi to everyone!

  2. Glad Zach got off - that's just the kind of vacation I would love! Yes, we do plan on Gatlinburg 2010 which really isn't that far off! Glad you all get to go vacation in August - you sure deserve it! Enjoy that pool for me - we're still wearing sweaters here:) Thinking of you all!