Saturday, May 9, 2009

the cat in the hat

Here is our latest family member - Domino. Paul is holding her here and he loves her. She's black with a little white on her chest. She tends to look like a black spot on camera so he snuck her in this hat so you could see her better. Wyatt keeps calling her "Oreo" but to Wyatt everything is food-related so no surprise there. Randy forgets and calls her "Callie" which was our poor deceased cat's name. But Domino doesn't seem to care and comes running no matter what she's called:)

Things are really heating up book-wise. As publication day draws near, I am busy addressing book cards and bookmarks and mailing them out to Kentucky, California, Kansas, Georgia, Ohio and other parts. I even have a cousin in Russia and an old high school friend living in London so off they go across the pond, so to speak. If you've pre-ordered my book, I thank you from the bottom of my very grateful heart!

I'm sad that my granny isn't here to hold a copy in her hands as she prayed for my writing for so long and passed away before anything happened. But the book is dedicated to her. I like to think she'd have loved the story. Hope you do, too!

Before I sign off I just want to say that if you want a spring treat, please go to my friend Lisa's blog called Life With 4. She's created a wonderful list of things she loves about spring with some great photographs. A great reminder of God's many blessings! Just scroll down toward the bottom of this page and click on Lisa's photograph and you'll see a link to get there. She's my first follower and I'm so glad she is!


  1. I feel a bit emabarrassed now! But thanks for the sweet compliment. Blog-friends are kinda fun, huh? I've "met" some wonderful Christian ladies and have enjoyed reading about the lives of other moms with similar interests.
    Oh, and Domino is the perfect name! (or Oreo, or Callie, or ...) ha ha

  2. Lisa,
    Your blog is really a ministry of encouragement and blessing to me and others, I know! And your kids are so fortunate to live the country life and have such a creative, Christ-loving mom. Yes, getting to know others through blogging is something I never thought I'd do but am glad I did. Glad you like the cat's names (all of them)!