Monday, June 1, 2009

sol duc falls

I just wanted to post a pic of where Randy and the boys went hiking this weekend. They crossed this bridge and actually saw a bird's nest in the cleft of the rock where the spray is the heaviest and watched a mother bird flying in and out to feed her babies. Sol Duc Falls is thunderous so I wouldn't think it would be a good nesting place. But those birds sure have a beautiful view:)

I was home alone and loving it though it did get a little too quiet by 5:00 pm when my tired but happy hikers trooped in. They hope to go to the natural hot springs in the Elwha River Valley next which isn't too far from our house. If you want an amazing vacation, pack your bags and head to Olympic National Park. I live here and still can't believe it! Of course it's a far cry from KY but...

Happy June 1st!


  1. That would be a beautiful hike! You all are so fortunate to have all that beauty of woods, and lake right at your front and back door! Mark would be in heaven there, and could find all those wonderful morels he craves every year! I am at work typing this and it's 1 AM, ha! Have a good week.

  2. We have actually thought about taking a vacation up that way (if we could save enough money) and making a big loop.
    Like taking the kids to a Mariner's game, then over to Leavenworth, and loop around through the mountains before heading south again.
    I love hiking into waterfalls. Have you ever been to Silver Creek Falls here in Oregon? The trail leads you behind some large waterfalls ,into the cliffs. It's beautiful!
    Maybe next summer we'll make the trip up that way. This summer the calendar is already filling up with smaller trips and activities.

  3. Lisa, I hope you do the loop in future - sounds great! We love Leavenworth, too. Never been to Silver Creek Falls but it sounds beautiful, especially the trail that goes behind it, etc. Sounds like the one in the movie, The Last of the Mohicans. I know you are in for a busy, fun summer with all your beautiful kids, garden, quilting, and all the rest:)

  4. Hi Rhonda, Glad you're reading this at 1 am or otherwise:) I couldn't remember if you went to this falls when you were here. I forgot to tell you all that Randy and the boys found a huge amount of morels this spring and I fried pan after pan:) They sure are tasty. Thinking of you!

  5. Wow, it looks like a beautiful and amazing place! I would love to see it someday!

  6. Hi Staci,
    Yes, put it on your list of must-sees! It's even more beautiful and much BIGGER than this picture conveys! I'm always kind of awe-struck up there. Would be a great scenario for a novel:) Thank you for your comments!!