Wednesday, June 17, 2009

post-radio bliss

Glad to be home tonight after a busy day of Vacation Bible School for the boys and the radio interview for me. It went well, thanks to those of you who gave it another thought or prayer! Very different than I thought it would be - the studio had dim lights, comfortable chairs, huge microphones, and lots of computer/electronic equipment. My host was very gracious and it was easy to talk about writing:) The master gardeners in the segment ahead of me became very chatty about their begonias and whatnot so my time was shortened and I was thankful:) A good learning experience!

I was able to talk a bit about how God gifts each of us to do different things and writing is just one of them. This part of the interview flowed the best, maybe because it was the most important thing to emphasize.

Meanwhile, our kitchen plumbing gave way last night and we had an interesting little flood to deal with at bedtime. Never dull here!

Now back to the books!

Ancora imparo (I am still learning). -Michelangelo, at age 87


  1. Glad it went well. Master gardeners to master author, sounds like an interesting show!
    ooooo, i dislike plumbing mishaps very much. Once my friends' 1 year old boy flushed a glass votive holder down my toilet (we didn't know it)... for weeks every time we flushed we could hear the tinkling of glass. Finally called the plumber, and he found the glass votive holder in about 20 pieces!

  2. Oh my, what is it with boys and toilets!? Somebody could write a book with those type stories!! Hope there's no tinkling glass in your future though I think little girls are not so mischevious as little boys?