Sunday, June 14, 2009

eating ice cream in a coat in june

I love things in miniature, even books. These tiny desserts are made for a dollhouse, believe it or not, but they do look good enough to eat:) We went out for ice cream Friday night and yes, I was wearing a coat while eating my scoop of peanut butter and chocolate. It was foggy and cold here in the Pacific Northwest though the sun did peek out today.

In the meantime I'm spending most of my waking hours in 18th-century Kentucke. Today Randy said he knows I'm in another world as he has to tell me things 2-3-4 times before I come back to the present. Poor guy! But writing is like that, or should be, if you're immersed in a good book. Here's a quick update on the work in progress:

Original word count: 149,000
Current word count: 108,000
Working title: Red River Daughter
Current scene under edit: a wedding

This week from Amazon:
Ransome's Honor by Kaye Dacus

"...all things are possible with God." Mark 10:27


  1. I've never thought much about the process of writing/editing that authors go through to complete a book. Sounds like you're immersed in the process completely right now!

  2. Lisa, I never thought much about it either before publication. The process is really amazing. Every time I read a book now I appreciate all the writer went through (and the publisher) before it lands on the shelf:)
    Hope you are having a good day and enjoying all that Oregon sunshine!