Friday, June 26, 2009

friday's frontier fact

At first glance you may wonder what on earth men in kilts have to do with colonial days, much less the Kentucky frontier. Well, at one time one sixth of the colonial American population were Scots. Ten thousand landed in a single year. And they came in droves to the frontier because they heard land was free there. Some of these sturdy Scotsmen began making whiskey in the mountains of Kentucky and their descendants still carry on the tradition. (Tunis: Frontier Living).

I placed a Scotsman right in the heart of The Frontiersman's Daughter but he didn't come to Kentucky because of free land or whiskey. His calling was a bit more unusual. Since I don't want to spoil the novel for you, I'll just say I think he's a very appealing hero. I fell in love with him sooner than Lael and had a hard time giving him a quirk. He was too perfect, so I made him hate collard greens and the Kentucky heat:) He has a few more faults as well but you'll just have to discover them for yourself when you read the novel. And I hope you will! Only 6 more Friday's till the book is on shelves.

Happy Friday!


  1. well now you've really piqued my interest... i'll be reading the book for sure!!

  2. Bless you, Lisa! Hope you like my Scotsman as much as I do. Enjoy all that Oregon sunshine - with a good book, of course:)

  3. My granddaughter is in college band and they wear kilts, they are so cute the guys with the precussion etc. The girls are darling. They are blue with red, she goes to PC Universary in SC.


  4. Edna, I'd love to see those South Carolina kilts! Reminds me of my old band days when we used to wear jockey silks like the Kentucky jockeys wear when they race. But I think the kilts are a more novel idea! Thank you for stopping by and reading:)