Friday, June 5, 2009

friday's frontier fact

This Sunday is Boone Day - a Kentucky tradition since 1897. It commemorates June 7, 1769 when Daniel Boone looked out across the Cumberland Gap into the land that was to become Kentucky. The photo above is one of my favorite places just outside of Berea, Kentucky. I grew up knowing it as Big Hill or The Pinnacle. Actually there are two lookouts or pinnacles here and this is the view. I love the hike up to it and yes, it's in The Frontiersman's Daughter. Boone's footprints, so to speak, are all over this beautiful place.

The Kentucky Historical Society is hosting a picnic on Sunday and here is the mouth-watering menu:

Spinach Salad, Country Ham and Biscuits, Cheese Grits, Fried Chicken, Hash Brown Casserole, Marinated Asparagus, Seasonal Fruit Tray, Strawberry Shortcake, Iced Tea and Lemonade.

I'm a proud member of the Kentucky Historical Society but can't attend the festivities so I urge you to go in my place, eat enough for 2, and soak up some history! Only 56 more days till The Frontiersman's Daughter is on shelves.

Have a memorable weekend!


  1. I'm so excited about your book coming out. I was in your mom's Sunday School class over a year ago when she told us that you were going to be published. She just sent me a protional bookmark about your book. Congratulations on all of it! I love to write, but I've never come close to actually finishing anything.

    Love the picture. I recognized it right off, but I haven't done that hike in years.

  2. Hi Tiffany,
    So glad you stopped by my humble blog - you have 2 amazing blogs that have to do with some of my favorite things- eating, reading, writing, books! I hope my online friend, Lisa in Oregon, reads this as she'd really like your sites. I so appreciate your enthusiasm about my book (and bookmark). Glad you recognized the pic - makes me homesick to look at it.
    It means a lot to hear from you Kentuckians! Hope you check back in - I'll be doing the same now that you've written. Bless you!

  3. that menu sounds super good.
    no plans of visiting Kentucky any time soon... so I guess I won't get to sample any of the food.
    How long have you lived in WA? and how long did you live in KY?
    I can imagine how homesick I would be if I couldn't be in OR!

  4. Plenty homesick, I'm sure, as I think you are Oregon born! I left KY in my 20's. Randy and I have been married almost 15 years and have lived here. During summers in college I used to fly out and work at Lake Crescent Lodge in Olympic Nat'l Park here in WA. That's how I got stuck here so to speak:) It's a beautiful place but will never be home to me. I miss the heat and people and food back there. I think I've even lost a lot of my accent, sadly!