Sunday, June 28, 2009

under construction

I'm a bit excited as this blog and my website are about to undergo construction:) For some time now I've longed to redecorate my ten year old living room and rearrange the furniture but can't as it's small and the furniture won't fit any other way. And my husband refuses to shuffle the four hanging quilts around:( So guess I'll just have to redo things here in cyberspace. I hope you like the changes when we're done. I'm going to ask if you do! And I'll introduce you to the web designer (it's not me)!

June has almost evaporated and we're facing July which means book 2 is due to my publisher at month's end. Currently I'm doing a read-through of the entire manuscript to check for inconsistencies and holes in the plot, strange weather patterns (like snow in July), and folks whose features fluctuate like a chameleon. If I didn't love writing so much I would absolutely hate this part of the process. But it's sort of like putting a puzzle together and making sure every piece fits. I pray a great deal as I do this and ask for His fingerprints to be all over the work. Little things come to me that I would never detect otherwise. He is so faithful.

Do you ever feel like you're under construction? I think we're always undergoing some sort of change, like it or not. Now that I'm wearing reading glasses I see myself growing older, no pun intended. I don't feel 40-ish but I am. Yesterday, I was thinking of the deeper meaning behind Jesus's occupation. He was much more than just a carpenter but he was a carpenter and that has real significance for our lives as Christians. He's constantly at work on us - we are under construction - and he doesn't make junk, as the saying goes! And I'm eternally grateful.

Hope your weekend included lots of sunshine and a good book. I promise to leave my forwarding address if this blog fails to appear for a day or two. Please check back by and tell me if you like what you see!

No enthusiasm will ever stand the strain that Jesus Christ will put upon His worker, only one thing will, and that is a personal relationship to Himself which has gone through the mill of His spring-cleaning...
-Oswald Chambers


  1. Wonderful analogy on "being under construction". I'm so glad I'm in the Master's hands for that process!

    I can't wait to see how your new site and blog look.

  2. Thanks, Tiffany! Readers like you make changes here worthwhile. You may see another picture of the Pinnacle or the Berea area on my new site. Maybe a quilt or cabin or two:) I'm so homesick. Enjoy that KY sunshine for me!