Sunday, June 7, 2009

book bliss

I found these "classy chic" totes in downtown Port Angeles, Washington this week and thought what clever book bags they would make! Just perfect for toting that paperback to the beach. I even have a book to suggest should you need help:) Anyway, I'll be giving these away come August in another drawing. They're small and sweet and waterproof- but not tacky! A little bit of summer fun. So please watch for a giveaway.

Speaking of books, I indulged in a little book madness this weekend at Amazon:
1. Sanctuary by Molly Noble Bull (award winner)
2. The Describer's Dictionary: A Treasury of Terms and Literary Quotations for Readers and Writers
3. Plot and Structure by James Scott Bell
4. Revision and Self-Editing by James Scott Bell
5. Enduring Love by Bonnie Leon (fellow Baker Books author)
6. Love's Pursuit by Siri Mitchell (fellow Baker Books author)

The trouble is I don't have time to read any of these right now and wonder if I ever will again! My "to-read" stack is tremendous. But then again, I hope yours is, too!


  1. Cute totes Laura! Great idea for giveways/drawings. Hope you had a good weekend! We just got in from spending a full day at Carowinds with 4 boys! They had the best time and were so good.......rode everything although Mark and I sat out on rides for the most part. It is hot and sunny here. Hello to everyone! Talk soon. :)

  2. Thanks, Rhonda:) Bet you're already celebrating Zach's birthday! The boys put something in the mail for him yesterday so hope he gets it by his big day! Would love some of your sun! Talk soon!

  3. those little tote bags sure are cute... i bet they are handy too!
    I have to hold myself back with book buying or my stack of to-reads gets way out of control! I always think, "ok. that is the next book i'm gonna read!" but then along comes something else that interests me.
    i don't think I'll ever catch up... but that's ok. that means there is always a good book waiting for me.

    did you get the thunder/lightning/rain storm that seemed to hit most of the NW on Thursday night?
    Our lightning storm seemed to last forever!
    Today the sun tried to shine again... yeah!!

  4. Yes, Lisa, you are so right! Much better to have too many books than bookless:) I do have a lot to look forward to looking at my stack of stuff.
    No, I envy you your thunderstorms!!Sounds crazy, I know, but I really like wind and thunder/lightning as it reminds me of God's power. We rarely get that kind of weather here in our neck of the woods. Oregon is looking better to me all the time!