Thursday, March 26, 2009

snow blowing sideways

Are your teeth chattering yet? It's still very cold here in northwest Washington and those buttercups in our garden are frostbitten. One local resident said it's "colder than a brass toilet seat on the shady side of an iceberg." I chuckled as I'd not heard that descriptive phrase before. He was lamenting the fact that he's always hung his hummingbird feeders by March 15th and now all that nectar is frozen goo - and not a hummingbird in sight!

It's a good time to curl up by the fire and watch a good movie. This is a rare event for us but the boys were having Awana at church last night so the house was quiet. And we actually found a great movie - Fireproof. Randy enjoyed it as much as I did. I urge you to rent or buy a copy - it has a wonderful Christ-centered message. Clean and very moving. I think it just came out on DVD.

Meanwhile, in sunny Spain... My brother and his wife have found a house in the city of Granada! Two-stories with gardens in both front and back and a terrace that overlooks the mountains. Sigh. Sounds very unmissionary-like, I know. If you'd seen some of the dark and dangerous places they've lived in the past 20 years you'd be smiling like me. The owner lowered the price in exchange for English lessons. They'll be setting up a language school soon so this was an answer to prayer. And Chris and Nicia love company so get those passports ready:) I was last in Madrid at age 17 so am anxious to go back. But best wait till these three books are on shelves first.

Happy Thursday!

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