Monday, March 2, 2009

greetings from baker publishing group!

I love to get anything from my publisher as they always begin with the above greeting which seems like some sort of Biblical exhortation, at least to me! The FedEx truck arrived this morning with the actual pages of The Frontiersman's Daughter so I have a new, delightful deadline:) The end stages of production are so much fun. It is a joy to hold the book in my hands, albeit without its cover and binding, etc. I am bubbling over with thankfulness if you couldn't tell. This is all such a gift! I get to read through the novel one final time, then it is off to the printer to become a bonafide book.

Meanwhile, my poor Kentucky momma is snowed in in North Carolina with those normally snow-deprived southerners who own itty-bitty snow shovels if they own one at all. Mom left Seattle last night on a night flight and arrived in Charlotte this morning to an overflowing airport and planes parked on the tarmac. I don't know when she'll get home to Kentucky. My brother is headed to sunnier climes and leaves for Spain March 18th. Bye, Chris!

And now I'm at home with a sick son, a missing cat, and my pages. Better get busy.

This world belongs to the enthusiastic. -Emerson

To have joy one must share it. -Lord Byron

Find ecstasy in life - the mere sense of living is joy enough. - Emily Dickinson

If you want to be happy, BE. -Tolstoy

I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly. John 10:10


  1. Dear Laura,
    Just read your comment about your book on LPM blog. Since I am from KY. poped over to visit. How exciting to have a book published. Where are you from in KY? I grew up in Louisville but have been in Lexington ever since graduating from UK in 1974. Congrats on the book.

  2. Dear Linda,
    Bless you for stopping by here and taking the time to comment! It encourages me greatly! I was born and raised in Lexington and Berea, KY, but am now living in Washington state. I come back to Kentucky often for research (was at Locust Grove in Louisville last fall) and also to visit family. My parents live in Berea. You are very blessed to have stayed in the bluegrass. I miss it more than I can say. Thank you for your kind words about my book. I wasn't sure if I should post that on Beth Moore's amazing site but my joy was bubbling over this morning as I thought of all the Lord does for us in all sorts of extraordianry ways and, as Beth would say, my book is living proof!
    I popped on over to your blogs and they encouraged me greatly. You obviously have a writing talent all your own! I'm going to come back in future. Thank you for taking time here!

  3. Hi Laura-
    Your comment at LPM caught my eye and I just had to come and visit you. Congratulations on your book! I love your excitement about it! I too am a writer - unpublished as of yet - but am working on my first book. I am so excited to read about your journey.
    I'll be looking for your book come August!

  4. Robin,
    It is such a treat to hear from another writer and avid reader!! Your enthusiasm about my upcoming book blesses me so much! I have a heart for unpublished writers as I was one for so long. When I started this blog it was with the intent of providing encouragement and info about the writing and publishing journey to those who love books and want to write good books. If you ever have questions please email me and I will try to help you. I'm learning as I go! Keep writing and praying and He will open doors and you will stand amazed! Bless you! Hope you stop back by!