Thursday, March 12, 2009

the small boat

I just came across this little prayer and thought it very fine:

Dear God, be good to me,
the sea is so wide
and my boat is so small.
-Prayer of Breton fishermen

I like the humbleness of the words and the inherent belief that God is in charge of both the sea and the boat. My boat and your boat! As I try to make room in my life for writing and being a wife and mom and homeschooling and fiddling and church, I have to remember who's in charge.

As I learn to navigate in the writing world, my prayer has been, "Dear God, be good to me, the publishing world is so wide and my book is so small." Things can become a little overwhelming sometimes. It seems lately that I've been handed a new challenge every day. Sometimes I weather these little storms well and sometimes I feel motion sick and want to get out of the boat!

Marketing a book is a hard concept for me. Once I had a job as a telemarketer and it lasted one day! I would be the first one fired on a sales team, I'm pretty sure. Yet selling a book is part of a writer's job description. So I guess I'll be carrying bookmarks and postcards around in my purse for the next few months/years:) If I can remember that it's not me I'm promoting, but His message, then I think I can do this. If I do it for Him, then I can do anything He asks of me. Even if it rocks my boat!

For You have been a ... refuge from the storm.
Isaiah 25:4


  1. Well put! Thinking of you guys there and knowing even though we are both busy in our lives for all different reasons, and on opposite sides of the country, we can still think of and pray for one another, and I can't wait to see you again! :)

  2. Amen to all that, Rhonda! Wish I could be there to help you pack. Praying your move further south exceeds all your expectations. God has good things in store!