Friday, March 6, 2009

friday night tacos

When I have a deadline, and even when I don't, this is one of our family's favorite meals. Don't be fooled by the recipe's simplicity. My 9 year old nephew who was visiting ate seven in one sitting! They're that good!

1 lb. ground beef
1-15 oz. can refried beans
thin yellow corn tortillas
vegetable oil
shredded lettuce, grated cheddar cheese, sweet chopped onion, diced tomato, etc.

Brown ground beef in large skillet. Season with salt and pepper. Add one can refried beans and mix well; simmer. Meanwhile, in small nonstick pan, add 1/2 inch vegetable oil and heat on medium-high till it sizzles when corn tortilla is added. Using tongs, fry corn tortillas one at a time in oil, a few seconds on each side. Drain on paper towels. I make a stack of tortillas to keep them warm. Tortillas should still be soft, not stiff.

To serve, place small amount of taco filing in each shell and top with toppings. Enjoy!

I have a very small, old book printed in 1911 entitled Grace Before Meals that has a prayer for each day of the year. Today's prayer for March 6 reads:

O dear Heavenly Father, who lookest down upon us in mercy and pitying love, we do thank Thee for our daily repast from Thine earthly store, for our burden is light with Thy grace. Amen.

Happy Friday!

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