Monday, March 16, 2009

prayer request

Today was one of those delicious days I'd like to do all over again. It snowed this morning, then turned sunny. The boys finished all their schoolwork. Mom finally finished all the laundry. Then I took a walk and worked on book 2 for several hours. Found a scene that would make an editor's eyes roll and fixed it. Paul finally nailed Cripple Creek/Amazing Grace/Allegretto/Flop-eared Mule on the violin/fiddle. We're having leftovers for dinner:) We are all well again! I could keep going. Not every day is so nice but today has felt spacious and unrushed and heaven-sent. I could do with a few more.

I'd be so thankful if you'd pray for my brother and his family. They left Kentucky today for Washington D.C. where they'll settle the kids with relatives before Chris and his wife, Nicia, fly to Spain on Wednesday. Their 4 children will follow in April. This is a big transition and we will really miss them. I promise to give little updates about Spain and what it's like to be a fair-haired, tattoo-sporting missionary over there. It's a good guess he'll be the only one in the country! I can't wait to hear about Spanish sunshine and food and all the rest.

Thanks, Chris, for the great pics with these posts! I'm hoping more are on the way once they're settled. Love that vintage Hardy Boys cover from the weekend! I sure appreciate any prayers and so do they.

May the Lord watch between you and me when we are absent one from the other. Genesis 31:49

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