Thursday, May 8, 2008


I have a wonderful son named Wyatt who is 11 1/2 years old. I asked him how he would describe himself and he simply said, "I'm the opposite of Paul in every way." Hallelujah - I can only handle one Paul! Wyatt tends to be serious and studious and loves to read and write. He likes to compose silly poems and then memorize them. He thinks he would like to be a food critic when he grows up. We laugh when he says this because he's never met a food he would criticize! I keep hoping he'll say he wants to be a missionary or a bush pilot or something exciting.

He has such a generous, loving heart. I hope the world treats him kindly. Maybe Paul can teach him some moxie. He has enough to share, believe me.

In a couple of weeks we'll be having a family picture made. First time in 9 years! I'll try to post one so you can see my handsome boys. And I will try to cut myself out of it first! My granny taught me how to do that. Now that she's passed on, we have a treasure trove of old photos with her missing. I don't recommend this! So stay tuned and I'll see what I can do. Thanks for reading!


  1. Isn't it interesting when siblings are so different? I have that also with Sydney and Zach. Never a dull moment with either of them but one child always has the stronger personality I think. Wyatt sounds wise and gentle. Paul is more your rebel child I'm sure but that's not necessarily a bad thing. He will always be able to take care of himself! A girl is a different thing for sure.............high maintenance but I am blessed to have one of each. I won't ever complain as children bring lots of emotions but mostly joy. :)

  2. Fun to read about your boys. My sister and I are quite the polar opposites too. We have a few interests in common but not our personalities. Now she has two boys who sound a lot like Wyatt and Paul.

  3. Lori, I didn't know you had a sister and at least 2 nephews:) Guess I get to learn more about you, too. FUN!!