Friday, May 30, 2008


I've just joined American Christian Fiction Writers and also subscribed to Chapter-A-Week - a free service that delivers two new chapters of Christian fiction to your email each week. If you love to read, check out It's interesting knowing what books are out there and who is writing what.

This morning I received a very interesting first chapter by author Athol Dickson from his new novel Winter Haven. Wow! This guy can really write. At a time when the average reader craves fluff fiction like Coke and Cheesepuffs, this is the real deal. My fluffommeter was registering nil after finishing that first chapter. He is no newbie but a Christy Award-winning author of River Rising and The Cure. I've read neither but now want to. He has a great website as well. And he writes for my publisher!

Now, back to the books, literally.

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