Saturday, May 10, 2008


Tomorrow is Mother's Day and I have so many reasons to be thankful. I have a wonderful mother. She lives in Berea, Kentucky in the same house she grew up in over 70 years ago on old Haiti Road. I can't wait to fly home in August and spend time with her. She has the sunniest disposition and makes everything so much fun. I tend to be somewhat melancholy at times but not Mom! Lately I've been especially appreciative of her, thanks to the little old lady down the road.

If you're reading this post you most definitely have had a mother and maybe even are one. There are many kinds of mothers. They teach you so many things, good or bad. Bev is the little old lady down the road from me. She is still mothering into her 80's! Bev is a retired schoolteacher who never learned to drive and still lives on her grandparent's old homestead. She is the epitome of a proper old-time teacher, right down to her hats and gloves and elegant wardrobe. She has one son and two grown grandsons.

One of these grandsons became addicted to meth years ago and nearly destroyed himself (and her). Our church became very concerned for her safety. Yet she never showed any fear. She let this grandson come around even though he was dragging tons of junk cars and trash onto her property and bringing his addicted friends with him. This lovely pioneer homestead soon looked like a junkyard. Neighbors began complaining. The sheriff set up a neighborhood watch and soon her grandson was arrested and sent to treatment. That was two years ago.

Last summer both she and her grandson were baptized in the river not far from here. It was a beautiful thing to witness. Now when he comes round he brings his old friends who are in recovery and she prays with them and tells them about Jesus. She now has an amazing ministry with recovering meth addicts. Some of these are women who never had a mother who mothered them.

Last week she told me, with tears in her eyes, that she never thought she'd be mothering into her 80's and that she is tired but the Lord keeps bringing people to her door. She said that these women are so lost and she blames much of it on the lack of a loving mother. They don't know how to behave, to make a home, to be feminine. These are the things a good mother teaches.

On Sundays it gives me both joy (and a jolt) to see this older lady sitting in a pew surrounded by recovering meth addicts.

I am doubly thankful for my mother when I look at Bev. Please pray for Bev and those she ministers to. You'll see them in heaven someday!


  1. Wow, what a wonderful tribute to Mother's Day! You and I are blessed and have been blessed to have such great mothers, and Bev sounds like an amazing mother to her own and everyone else who needs her too! God must be so proud. I hope you have an awesome Mother's Day! I really enjoy reading your's real and very uplifting. :)

  2. Is Bev still down the road from you and sitting in church on Sundays? I hope so~

  3. Lori, Bless you for reading these old posts!! I guess it is a good way to become better acquainted:) I think I'll do the same on yours though I think I've followed it from its beginning:) Only you never knew! And yes, Bev is still coming with her motley crew:)