Sunday, May 4, 2008


deadline 1: a line drawn within or around a prison that a prisoner passes at the risk of being shot 2: a date or time before which something must be done : the time after which copy is not accepted for a particular publication.

Which deadline would you prefer? Me, too! I did get my deadline last Friday about 7:00 a.m. But I have the most gracious editor on earth and she has given me 3 weeks to work. The revisions requested are not overwhelming, some simply requiring the change of a single word or sentence, or an elaboration. I am thrilled! But I have spent thousands of hours on this manuscript so am not really surprised. I'm sure at some point I'll have a deadline that makes me want to pull my hair out.

I've heard horror stories about deadlines/revisions. Some manuscripts are so full of edits that they "bleed red." Some writers complain that their manuscript has so many changes that they don't even recognize their own work anymore. But a good manuscript is described as a duet between editor and writer.

Jerry Jenkins and Karen Kingsbury say that they write only on deadline. That means most of their time is spent not writing which is mystifying to me. Sort of like not breathing! I've heard other writers say that the hardest thing for them is making themselves sit down to write 7-8 hours a day. Once in their chair, they are okay, but getting there is the problem. To me, this is too much like work. And writing for me has no resemblance to work whatsoever. But I guess there are as many diferent kinds of writers and writing habits as there are books.

I have to discipline myself not to write. It is my absolute favorite thing to do and the only thing I can spend hours doing without feeling the need to eat or sleep or even take a break. It is like losing yourself in a good book - only it has no end.

I have been warned never to miss a deadline though writers are notorious for asking for extensions. This throws the whole publication schedule off and editors are not happy. Within the contract a writer signs are hard and fast dates when work is due. My manuscript for my second book is to be turned in August of 09 and this is in my contract. There is also an interesting clause about "moral turpitude" which means I must behave myself.

So please pray for me and my deadline. I have a lot to learn but am finding it unbridled bliss!


  1. actually DEADlines are good,they give you the opportunity to get the upper hand, i've done my part,,,now its your turn

  2. I'm still skeered too, Britt:) But He makes it better!