Thursday, September 25, 2008


Recently I had a wild notion to hang up a little sign in my kitchen that says "simplify." It's dangling from my one and only glass cupboard right over the coffee pot so I'm sure not to miss it. About a week ago I decided to take everything out of my kitchen (at least what was on the countertops) in hopes of having a new, simpler look. So now there are just a few things out and I like it much better. Randy always gets woried when I do this for some reason. Men don't seem to have the need to make all things new (or at least different) every few months. In face, he says it if wasn't for me he'd be fine in a little old shack somewhere. I'm sure it would be somewhere very near here and not in Appalachia!

Speaking of shacks, I just finished reading "The Shack" and if you haven't read it yet, please run to your nearest bookseller and buy it, then give it to a friend! My opinion of my own creativity got flushed when I read this amazing book!

I've nearly finished this last edit on book 2 - The Preacher's Daughter. I really have become "a writer overstaying her welcome at the reader's expense" with this one. That just means that the story should have ended several chapters ago but I couldn't bear to say goodbye so kept right on writing. I know that must sound strange to you non-writers out there. Just think of hating having to read the last chapter of that great book you have - it's sort of the same.

Hope you're collecting great books to curl up by the fire with this winter. I have a few I could loan you! Bless those books and for the Master Author for inventing reading in the first place:)


  1. I agree with the "simplify" thoughts. As I grow older, the simpler lifestyle in every way is much more appealing and tasteful. I tend to think that less is more and less is better. I bet your kitchen looks nice. I need to do that with mine also. Praying all is well your way! :)

  2. Yes, less is best. I need to do that with more in my life - writing included! Hope you all are having a wonderful Sept. in NC! Thinking of you!

  3. This reminds me of a quote a recently read, by Martial (AD 40-104).

    "Whoa, little book! Slow up! Easy there! Steady! / We've reached the finishing post, yet you're still ready / To gallop uncontrollably on, to run / Past the last page, as if your job weren't done."

    An age-old predicament, apparently, these books of ours taking the bit and refusing to be reined in.

  4. Love the quote, Lori!! Aren't you amazed on the days you can't get it down fast enough and it pours out - dialogue, narrative, plot threads, etc. - and your hand just about cramps?! Kind of makes up for the slow days when it's like getting blood from a turnip...