Wednesday, September 17, 2008

14 and counting

This was a foe wedding performed by a group of Pioneer-era re-enactors.

I love weddings. I had one of my own 14 years ago on this date in our little church a mile down the road. It was small - just one attendant each - but lots of pretty flowers and a dotted-swiss cake with raspberry filling. A football game was going on next door at the rural school and when we said our vows it sounded like the crowd was cheering for us!

We had a 2 day honeymoon in Olympic National Park where we'd both worked at one time - Randy at Log Cabin Resort and Lake Crescent Lodge for me. Both are historic places and just across the lake from each other. Randy has lived here all his life but I flew out to waitress in the lodge dining room in the summers while in college. And that is how a southerner gets stuck!

So today besides writing I'll make him a chocolate cream pie and wish for another 14. He is just the man for me and I knew this when I met him 24 years ago, though I had to wait 10 before it happened. And the Lord gets all the credit:)


  1. Happy 14th anniversary! I can relate as Mark and I have been married 14 yrs. (Aug) Wow, time sure flies.........many memories and 2 kids later. :) I hope you and Randy have MANY more anniversaries together. Our birthdays and anniversaries, ha, are showing our ages but it's really a good thing I believe.

  2. Just think, if we hang on till age 83 or so we'll celebrate our 50th! Fun! Happy belated to you and Mark!