Saturday, September 13, 2008

old time fiddlers

Praise Him with stringed instruments
. Psalm 150:4

Paul and I drove about 40 miles east today, far out of the woods to an old grange hall in the middle of a sunny prairie in the heart of farmland (is that a run-on sentence?!). The backdrop of the Olympic Mountains was just beautiful. But the music coming out of the grange hall was moreso. We joined the Old Time Fiddlers Association today and Paul is on his way to owning his own violin and meeting some fascinating fiddling folks (and guitarists, banjo pickers, mandolin players, etc.). But today Paul was actually more interested in the finger foods than fiddling. We didn't bring his violin but will next time. This was our first time and they made us feel more than welcome.

I liked this fiddling group right away and could see doors of ministry swinging open as they talked about playing in nursing homes every week, at parties and weddings, etc. It's been my secret wish for years to have some sort of nursing home involvement. I have a heart for older people and enjoy their company so much. I feel more at ease with seniors than those my own age for some reason, maybe because I spent so much time with my granny and she was active in the Berea nursing home.

If the Lord let us pick our gifts before the foundation of the world I would have asked for the gift of music. Yes, even more than writing. I think I'm a fiddler at heart. You'll find a fiddler in every book I write.

Not much writing was done today but being away from it is sometimes as important as being immersed in it. And tonight, after grilling on the deck and sitting in front of that charming chimenea (outdoor fireplace, however it's spelled), I'm ready to start whittling again on the last 100 pages of The Preacher's Daughter. Since I can't fiddle, that is!


  1. Loved the blog & the picture of the fiddler. Thank you for the Psalm-we should do that each day!

  2. There's a vast gulf between violin playing and fiddlin'. :)

    You and your son might enjoy listening to Erynn Marshall. She's a young Canadian gal who came to Berea College last year and pretty much lived in the old time music archives. She was studying old fiddle tunes and the people who played them. Neat, neat gal and a terrific fiddler. I have a feeling you'd love her music. You can hear some of it at:

    I have two of her CDs and can highly recommend Calico.

  3. Cool activity for you and Paul...If you're like me, you're not above "air fiddlin'" when no one is watching. I've even done it behind the wheel on a straight stretch while listening to bluegrass...Don't tell my insurance company!

    I love older folks too...I have made some friends at a nursing and rehabilitation center that's on my way home from work. I stop by to visit occasionally and really enjoy it. Far from depressing, the atmosphere actually lifts my spirit when I hear their stories and watch their aged eyes sparkle when recounting a distant memory or simply smiling back as I say hello in the hall. Maybe Paul will soon give a command performance for seniors and you can go along to enjoy it.

    Have a great week, Laura!

  4. I think that Psalm is beautiful too. Even if we can't all fiddle we can praise Him someway, if only with our voices. Thank you for your wonderful comment. The fiddler is from Georgia, compliments of my brother Chris.

  5. Hi Gin,
    I will certainly check this gal out. Fiddle music is my favorite so I'm not sure why we started with classical violin. You are so right - they are a world apart! Again, you are a wealth of information. Hope you are still enjoying the concerts on the porch in old town Berea. I'll be back to join you again shortly, Lord willing!

  6. Hi Polly,
    I'm chuckling about the "air-fiddlin'" as it must run in the family. Actually, Paul's interest and ability with the violin/fiddle is actually hard for me. I never realized how much time, persistence, and dedication it takes to pursue this. Since I'm not a musician this is way out of my comfort zone. He has been saying all summer it is time to get back to playing again and so we are having to make the adjustment in gas, time, etc. But maybe it will be a blessing to others one day, even if his only venue is the care centers. I'm so glad you have a heart for older folks. When I wrote that I did I had to chuckle because I'm almost one myself! Bless you this week.