Thursday, September 18, 2008

the big one

Today begins the annual American Christian Fiction Writer's conference in Minneapolis. It's a 4 day event where 500 or so writers, editors, and agents meet to talk books. I'd like to go for two reasons - my NY editor, whom I've never met in person, will be there and Minneapolis is also home to my publisher. I've heard it's very well done with a decidedly spiritual focus. There's also a huge book signing at the Mall of America where 100 or more authors gather to sign their books and meet readers.

But there's a reason I'm still sitting in my chair outside of Port Angeles, Washington this morning. I think all that hype would scare me to death! Even thinking about it makes me kind of queasy. I'm one of those people who believe if I was meant to be there I'd be there. And since I'm not there ...

The neat thing about this conference is that unpublished authors can attend and make appointments with agents and editors who look at their work. Many times this is how a new writer gets in the door. So if you can attend, attend! Although Seattle hosts a lot of writer's conferences, I've never been to one. This is another oddity about my publishing journey. No writer's conferences, no agent, no contacts, nothing! I was literally sitting in the woods writing my heart out for years and years and nobody knew it.

This just shows that He can use anyone at any time for His purposes. If you just do what He's called you to do, He'll take care of the rest. So rest in that. I'm living proof:)

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