Monday, September 29, 2008

first fire of fall

We're back to making a fire in the woodstove this morning after a long summer hiatus. The trees are starting to turn yellow outside my window and it feels like fall. Good writing weather!

I am working on the final chapter of book 2 and trying to think of a good working title. Recently I reread the 70 plus pages that make up book 3 - The Scrivener's Daughter - and when I put it down I wondered who had written it! It's so different for me, maybe because I'm using 2 points of view - his and hers. I really like the shift of perspective.

You may wonder if the Kentucky frontier starts getting stale after 3 books. Not at all! I'm already thinking of book 4! Recently I read something fascinating about 18th-century Kentucky gunsmiths and I would love to tell you but I think that's called a spoiler so better not. I promise not to title it The Gunsmith's Daughter (though I am tempted). Maybe I'll be called the Queen of Frontier Fiction. Hmmm. I have no such aspirations, believe me.

The truth is that a writer is always thinking about the next book. I know of authors who have several books going with several different publishers at the same time. I'm sure I'm not one of those prolific type writers. I write s-l-o-w-l-y. Maybe if I drank more coffee I could speed up but I doubt even Starbucks is that good. Wyatt and Paul tell me I need "Rock Star" - those horrible energy drinks that are all the rage with kids right now. Like they need extra energy!? No, they haven't had one. Wyatt has had one sip. He thought it was great. But they are taboo at our house.

Hope you are accumulating good books for winter reading. I am:)

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