Thursday, November 13, 2008

a writing marathon

My dear brother and his family did arrive in the U.S. safely and were met by a group from one of the Christian churches they're involved with. No cold airport homecoming for them! I think it's wonderful that folks would go to the airport late at night and greet them. I haven't talked to Chris yet but believe they landed and then got on another plane the next day and are now in Oklahoma for a conference. But he'll be home to Kentucky soon for a big Thanksgiving with our mom and family. The only ones who won't make it are my cousin, Lorri, who lives in Russia - and me.

On Tuesday I had one of those heavenly (rare) writing days when I started early in the morning, about seven, and kept on till about nine o'clock at night. I did break to take a walk, practice violin with Paul, and eat:) But the rest was spent in that wonderful 18th-century world of mine. By day's end I wasn't tired of writing but was just plain tired which sort of dulls the writing joy and you have to rest. Eating has always been high priority for me - and I think one of God's best gifts is a good nights sleep!

I wonder, in this writing journey, where I'll be this time next year. Maybe at the Kentucky Book Fair in Frankfort! They're hosting a lot of Kentucky writers this year. I'm not sure if I would be considered a Ky. writer since I now live in Washington state but my books are set in Kentucky. I'd move back in a minute if I could!

I've just ordered a big book called the Encyclopedia of the American Revolution. Some of you might be yawning at this point but this is reading at its absolute best to me! I have to figure out those Continental uniforms - did the soldiers wear black stocks or plain white? Who cares, right? Well, someone will and if I don't get it right I am very sure they'll let me know I didn't do my research. Hmmm. Maybe I should switch to writing contemporary novels.

Hope you're perusing Amazon and ordering a good book - or looking forward to ordering mine:)


  1. Next year's Kentucky Book Fair. Yes, yes, YES!!!! That would (no!...WILL) be so very, very neat! Check your email.

  2. Hey Gin,
    Wow - something to look forward to for sure and for certain! Better write down that date:) Thanks for the great email - made my day!

  3. If you want to come to Kentucky in November next year, I'm sure the Book Fair committee would love to have you submit an application. The deadline is usually May or June. You'd have to get someone at Revell to send them an advance copy but that's no problem. If you're interested next year, you should go for it. The Kentucky Book Fair is always very busy with lots of reades. But most of the writers have to cover their own expenses to attend. They have a few big names and then lots of the rest of us.

    I'm wishing for one of those great writing days, but this time of the year is always extra crazy for me. Hope you got lots of good words written.

  4. Ann, You are such a blessing to me! I would love to come to the book fair next year as that first book will be out and then I would finally get to meet you and get some autographed copies of your books! Thank you for the wonderful info. I told my Mom I'd love to come so maybe I'll pick up Mom in Berea and then we'll all rendezvous in Frankfort!
    I'm afraid there won't be any more good writing days for me till after Christmas! My dance card is full, so to speak,, as if yours, sounds like:) Thinking of you.