Thursday, November 6, 2008

rainy days

Rain, anyone? How about 7 inches? That's our forecast for today in western Washington state. I'd much rather have 7 inches of sunshine but we probably won't see any serious sun again till March or so. One winter we had a record 93 consecutive days of rain! Lots of Californians who'd moved here moved back that year! One Kentuckian wanted to move but here I am:)

I don't get a lot done when the sun shines. I want to be outside walking or gardening or sitting on the deck. Now all that winter writing can begin in earnest. On the scribbling front, I'm expecting the galleys for book 1, The Frontiersman's Daughter, any day. Book 2, Red River Daughter, is sitting in a box under my desk waiting to be read and edited again. Book 3, The Scrivener's Daughter, is humming along just fine and I'm well past page 100 now. But there's always so much more going on besides writing.

Paul is busy fiddling - he's mastered the old tunes Liza Jane (my personal favorite) and Camptown Races and now tackles Buffalo Gals. There's a big fiddling camp that occurs in eastern Washington next summer right when my first book is released and we all really want to go. While Paul fiddles, Wyatt dribbles. He plays basketball with a group of high school boys every week. They must be pretty patient as he is only a 6th-grader but he's learning. Basketball seems to be his sport.

Sometimes I wonder what life would be like to have a girl in the house. But I don't think I'm up to dance lessons and Girl Scouts! I didn't like being a little girl, frankly! I hated Brownies and always had my head in a book. Still do.

Happy Thursday!


  1. No rainy days here but we could use some of yours! It's been sunny and rather warm last few days. Glad Paul's fiddlin' is going well and sounds like he enjoys it. Also glad to hear Wyatt enjoys basketball.....Zach is my athlete and LOVES football, basketball and baseball! You can borrow Sydney anytime you feel the urge to have a girl, ha! A challenge some days! I know you are busy with all your writing and editing and such. Talk wtih you soon.

  2. Hi Rhonda,
    Always love hearing from you down there in the southern sphere:) Gladly swap you weather and kids for a bit! Paul and Zach would get on well together, being the same age. Wyatt would probably torment Sydney! Thinking of you all there as we come nearer to the holidays. I know you are counting down till the big reunion in TN!