Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas countdown

Now that we've downed all that turkey, Christmas is only 26 days away! In years past we've had our tree up by today and all those Christmas cards addressed and stamped and the whole house smelling of cinnamon and cedar and woodsmoke. But not now! I have other things to think about like book covers and sales catalogs:) I did untangle two strings of white lights and threw them up over a quilt rack and the hutch but they're hanging a bit crooked and not all of them are twinkling. I won't be sending Christmas cards this year, just book cards and bookmarks next year, Lord willing.

About that book cover. It's been interesting to hear first impressions. My mom said, "Wow! Your name is in big letters!" My dad thinks the man standing in the background looks like Randy, my husband. Sans ponytail, that is - or queue, the 18th-century term. A dear Hispanic friend of mine looked at the girl on the cover and exclaimed, "My, she's so WHITE!" Well, as far as I know, Joyce, there were few Hispanics settling Kentucky in 1777. They were making things happen further west (Missouri territory)!

I really like the cover. It's very different than I thought it would be. The beautiful girl on the front is an actual model. I hope she reads the book! Lael looks right to me as does Ian behind her. His clothing is also just right. Colonials were big on buttons. I love the cabin and woods and the dramatic colors. I even love the font style used - sort of looks chisled in wood. I'd prayed about this whole process and am so pleased. If you were standing in my shoes after a 40 year wait, you'd be singing too!

The Frontiersman's Daughter is available for pre-order on and also at this point. And yes, I've already ordered my copy!

Happy Friday.


  1. Hi again,
    I will for sure be ordering my copy! I love your name in big letters on the cover and the pic of both the girl and guy....somehow it all looks as though it should and with the title of it etc. I also love the names of the lead characters. I hope a ton of your book sells! Have a great Saturday! I am putting up Christmas decorations here but just getting started. :)

  2. Thank you, Rhonda!
    I know your house looks beautiful this time of year. All those warm colors and a real North Carolina pine tree, I bet! I do hope you like the book and I thank you for your comments on the cover - they mean a lot. Talk to you very soon!