Wednesday, August 20, 2008

little by little


It's 8:12 a.m. and the world outside my window is wet. Washington State is an amazing medley of greens all year. I've been trying to think of reasons to like the rain right now and have come up with a couple of things - it is giving me a break from canning all those green beans and beets! I used to put up a couple of hundred of jars every fall which my granny would laugh at as she used to can 50 plus quarts of pickled beets in a day! My favorite thing to can is chow-chow because it is so colorful in the jar and goes so well with soup beans and cornbread. I make some mean dill pickles with jalapenos and garlic too. Canning is sort of a lost art and I'm afraid I'd rather read and write than be in the kitchen. But the larder is low.

I am back at work on this second book. I love the story and hope readers do too. Now that The Frontiersman's Daughter is the official title of this first book, I am calling this second book The Preacher's Daughter which sounds a little plain but fits the story well. Did I mention I've now entered the realm of reading glasses? They really do help a lot! And they make me feel quite bookish, like the librarian I once wanted to be.

So I'm back home (or at my home away from home), trying to catch up. September is looking a little overwhelming with canning, schooling, church activites starting up again, etc. But as Aesop said, little by little does the trick. And we have that wonderful promise that I've grabbed hold of once again from Philippians:

I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.

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