Friday, August 1, 2008


Anticipation is a great gift - it's simply enjoying something before it starts. Another heaven-sent ability, I guess. And I've been anticipating my trip to Kentucky for a quite a while now. Looking forward to things like:

*having Panera's divine quiche and coffee
*wireless internet as opposed to dinosaur dial-up here in the woods
*driving to Indian Fort and looking up at the Pinnacle as opposed to actually climbing it
*sitting on the front porch or on the back deck at Granny's and hearing the train whistle
*having a super-sized iced coffee at McDonald's in iced coffee appropriate weather (HOT)
*visiting the new Berea public library
*hearing Pastor Kevin preach at Berea Baptist church
*perusing all the great books at the Berea College store
*sitting quietly in Danforth Chapel
*touring Boonesborough (again)
*driving to Louisville to a historic site
*shopping for old license plates for Randy
*trying not to miss the boys or wonder if they're homesick at camp
*seeing family!

I also realize that a hundred or more years ago, moving to Washington from Kentucky meant never seeing your family again. Although I'm no fan of flying, it does beat a covered wagon. Only five more days now ...


  1. Shouldn't visiting your family be at the top of your list? It's at the top of our anticipation list! We are counting down the days with you using your blog. Much Love your KY cousin, Leslie

  2. Les,
    I forgot to mention KEY LIME PIE!!
    Love, Laura