Tuesday, August 12, 2008

the buzzel in Kaintuck

I'm posting from Ground Effects coffee shop in downtown Berea and having a very good latte to top off my soup beans and cornbread at the Artisan's Center this morning. It's sunny and 76 degrees or so - downright cool by any southern summer standard. Wish you could join me!

Somehow it seems fitting that I hear about the official title of my book while here - so here it is:
The Frontiersman's Daughter.

It is the essence of the book and I really like it very much. It has a Janice Holt Giles quality about it that appeals to me and leaves the reader no doubt as to what it is about. Hopefully readers will like it as well. Now the cover art can begin. My favorite part of the whole deal!

I'm trying to decide what to do with the rest of my wonderful week here. I woke up in the nursery yesterday morning in that very old and very beautiful house and was relieved I hadn't heard any ghostly children crying. We had breakfast in the dining room where that race horse was kept in the civil war and I told Momma I smelled a horse and hay (among other horsey things) - honestly, I did. I do have a vivid imagination but I know when I smell a horse! Every time I passed through that dining room on this little visit I expected one to neigh at me, no kidding.

We toured Frankfort after breakfast and were even chased out of a huge bourbon warehouse (24,000 kegs to be exact) at Buffalo Trace distillery. We didn't know we couldn't go in there - the door was wide open - and there was no "Stay away" sign. I don't drink but somebody really should bottle some bourbon cologne as it smells heavenly. Then of course we had to sample the Rebecca Ruth candy at their little yellow shop downtown. I feel like such a tourist.

And tomorrow is my big day - I get to go to Boonesborough for the gazillinth time as I grew up swimming in the river right there and roaming all over. It really is home to me. Wish I could ride over on horseback wearing a sunbonnet and old linsey-woolsey dress! Then I'll skip on over to Whitehall, the very elegant home of Cassius Marcellus Clay. What a man! He fired a cannon out of his second floor mansion window and married that 15 year old girl some 175 plus years ago when he was 85 or so.

Oh, I'll visit the cemetary later today. It's full of family. That should make an interesting post as some of them have such interesting names like Christopher Columbus Blanton. Till then!


  1. Sounds as if you are having a great time so far! I wish I could go to Boonesborough with you as it has been too long since I have been............over 30 years ago and it was with cousins Mark,Troy, Chris, Hank and Sarah and can't remember if you were with us then. Glad the weather has been nice fo you. We just got back from a weekend trip to Seana's cabin in the mountains. So nice to get away even if just a couple days. We will be in Ky. in October for Elisa's wedding on Jerry's farm..........should be beautiful that time of year. Have a good week! :)

  2. Hey, you are getting me in trouble! After reading your last few posts, Nicia complained that all I ever do when we go to Berea is sit-around, sleep and eat! She wants to do all these things!

  3. Hi Rhonda,
    Glad you're coming this way. Wish we could rondezvous! Am not sure I spelled that right but you get my drift. Later!

  4. Hey Chris,
    Usually when I come home I just want to loaf (this is for Nicia's benefit - he he!) but suddenly everything is of interest to me again even if I've seen it over and over. You two really should go to that inn in Frankfort ...