Wednesday, August 6, 2008

from the summit

The summit of happiness is reached when a person is ready to be what he is. -Erasmus

I've been thinking about timing and why things happen now rather than later or vice versa or why they happen at all if they ever do. If I'd had my way I would have been like my friend Ann Gabhart who published her first book early in life and has been writing ever since. Actually, if I'd had my way I would be (don't laugh) a barrel racing rodeo queen or a concert fiddler like the amazing Natalie MacMaster. No fooling! Forget all that writing! It seems somewhat dull in comparison. Writing is so inward and the other is so "out there."

But this book business is such a gift, no matter when it happens. I'm standing at the summit of happiness on my own little mountain and am very thankful. I'm back to book 2 and enjoying this edit very much. Now that I set it aside for a month or so I see all kinds of things to change. That is the trouble with writing - you have to rewrite again and again. Hemingway, who I never cared for, said all first drafts are trash. This book is now several drafts old and still in progress. I even wrote a character in, decided I didn't like him, and took him out. But I have a feeling my editor will want him back in. Hmmm.

This time tomorrow night I'll be on my way to the Bluegrass State. Just me and my laptop.


  1. Fly safely and sleep through as much as you can. I've arranged absolutely perfect weather for you on this end. Hope you enjoy it to the fullest.

  2. Oh Gin,
    Your weather arranging makes me smile - maybe you can remove all this fog on my end? Hopefully it will disappear by flight time tonight. How blessed you are to live in sunny Berea near the Log House!