Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kentucky buzzel continues...

Spent the day in the company of Daniel Boone, my very favorite historical figure. Found out that he was just my husband's size - 5 foot nine inches and about 170 pounds. I read this whilst at Fort Boonesborough. I knew this little fact already though there seems to be some debate as to his hair color. But what does it matter, right? My admiration of him grows and grows even after 40 plus years and I have yet to unravel one unflattering thing about him.

The fort is one old Boone would be proud of, even if it occupies the hill above the original site. I spent some time with the fort weaver as she worked the big loom but think my favorite place was the candle shop. There is a big re-enactment of the seige of Boonesborough coming up and I will miss it, sadly. But I could dress for the part as I found my bicentennial costume in Granny's closet in Berea this week - apron, dust cap, long colonial dress, and shawl, etc. Only I'm sure after 35 years it no longer fits! She made me a Civil War era costume also which I still have but have long lost the hoops that go underneath.

Also visited Whitehall today - the home of Cassius Clay. He's not as squeaky clean as Boone though his father, Green Clay, was one of Boone's cronies. I did see Mr. Clay's little cannon which the guide said he fired out the 2nd floor window at the tax collectors. Hmmm. Somehow I understand that completely. But after touring this huge, old Italianate mansion which has an indoor toilet and a huge copper bath tub on the 2nd floor, I will take Boone's fort any day.

There is something so admirable about those first settlers. They really relied on their wits to stay alive (dummies didn't make it in the wilderness) and they were incredibly innovative.

Am still hearing doves cooing wherever I go!

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