Tuesday, August 5, 2008


It's a beautiful sunny morning here in Washington state after a week of rain. Temps are supposed to be up to 91 degrees by tomorrow which will send all the locals to the lake. Not me. I'll just go out on my half-done deck or into the garden and try to forget it won't happen again for another 365 days:) Sigh.

The Kentucky countdown is now 2 days away. My bag is half-packed and I'm ready to roll. It takes 3 - yes, three - planes to get from here to there. Wish you could come with me on that bumpy little ride from Port Angeles to Seattle in that very tiny plane that always attracts turbulence and threatens to send you straight into Mt. St. Helens. I would hold your hand! It rivals the most thrilling roller coaster ride you've ever taken! And since I quit riding roller coasters many years ago I cling to my seat like a two year old all the way over on that endless 35 minute flight. There is always a high price to pay when you want to leave the woods.

Stay tuned as I may be blogging from some summit somewhere :)


  1. Hi there,
    Hoping you have a fun and safe trip! Email me from Ky. should you get time somewhere. Will be praying all is well in Ky. with your family, and also at home in Washington with Randy and the boys while you are gone. You are probably in for some sweltering heat once you land in Ky! You will enjoy that change I'm sure. Talk with you when you return home. Hello to your Mom & G for me. :)

  2. I will definitely email you via Ky and tell you how I'm handling the heat. Maybe you are remembering that day we spent at the zoo in NC - I think the temps that day were about 106 or something?! The boys still talk about it but thankfully they don't recall their mother with her head between her knees on that trail trying not to faint!I think the dippin-dots revived me:)